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Originally Posted by 2Dogs View Post

Sorry for the hijack, nothing to add for you

no worries...like donald said, i do this sh1t every 6months...lol.

its called a "maggiolina" model made by autohome. its built like a tank, but only weighs 150lbs.

here's a pm i just sent, pretty much my take...

hey corey,

i've had it for about five years, and i can say its one comfy, tough, weatherproof tent. only weighs 150lbs too. and yes, its very easy to use. it has three latches (two front, one rear) and uses a simple, detachable hand crank to extend scissor "extenders" that raise the top half.

had it up in glacier national park last time out and it took gale force winds, driving rain, etc, with no problems. all you experience is a buffeting noise and the trucks springs rocking.(puts you to sleep )

we got a bit of a deal, since ours got stuck in customs for TOO long when we bought it. paid about $1000.00. we think he took off at least 4-500 bucks, if not more.

so they're not cheap by any means. but after several trips and 5 years, we have no need for ANY repairs or a replacement. i don't know if you can say that about other expedition tents.

didn't mention it above, other than being comfy, but the matress supplied is very, very nice. its about
4-5" thick and you can store it, lots of covers, pillows, the exendable ladder and a few "night clothes" (sweater, jacket, etc).

hope that helps...its a chunk of change, but a very good investment.
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