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Yesterday morning I had the honor to meet Debbie and "part" of her family and over breakfast we discussed and cried over our similar losses and many stories about both Jason and Noel. I’m sure she didn’t realize that Esteban and I are the official criers for the Jason “Willyswanter” Payne fan club and with her being the official cry for Noel’s club; you can only imagine what it was like. So everyone will know, Debbie and the family have taken Dozer out wheeling and will continue doing so and once Jason’s “Rock Star Limo” is back together, it is our plan to wheel them together. Oh yes, we do realize it will not be the same and we understand that without those two talented drivers on board, it just can’t be that same but also know that we will have two of the best riding shotgun.

Jason communicates with his Mom regularly now just as he did before he left us and one of his communications with her was:

“I talked to Dozer today, well not talked, we communicated somehow but I don’t know how, but I’ll figure it out.”

A couple of parting quotes from Sylvia Browne:

“There’s no doubt about it, the number one issue among my clients is the need to know that a loved one who’s passed away hasn’t really ceased to exist but is really very much alive on the Other Side, happy and healthy and still visiting them.

They are all those things, of course, although even the absolute certainty of that fact can only go so far to ease the bottomless ache of grief. I know grief all too well. No other pain can hold a candle to it. I also know, beyond all doubt, that we can let go of whatever part of our grief is anchored in worry for our loved ones’ well being. With the very rarest of exceptions, they’ve returned to busy, thriving, blissful lives in paradise, dropping in to visit us more often than we’re ever aware. We can safely focus our tears, out pain and our prayers for comfort on ourselves and everyone else who’s struggling to survive the loss and make productive peace with the truth that we’re still here, and because are, we obviously have more things to accomplish before it’s time for us to go Home.

••• time to enjoy activities that brought them relaxation on earth, from sports to concerts to crafts to gardening – yes, all of which exists on the Other Side, and infinitely more. ••• believe it or not, they’re perpetually, joyfully busy at Home, far busier than we are here on earth”

With all that said can you just imagine how busy Noel and Jason are; planning, designing, building, testing and ultimately wheeling buggies we can’t even imagine here on earth.

God Bless you Debbie and family and remember, Noel is with you and he is now healthy and doing everything he always wanted.
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