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Originally Posted by sceep View Post
you been here 10 years and still havent fingered out the black text.

need a pic of the other end of the cyl so we can see how it comes apart.

you will also have to limit it on the outside as well as internally for your single ended cyl..

all you have to do is get it apart, and insert something on the shaft. big washers, piece of uhmw you cut with a hole saw etc. etc. then re assemble and put the same ammount of whaterv on the outside of the shaft as well.

(1/2 yer limited distance per side)

just looked,, didn't see any of the black text.. the other end just has two holes about 3/8 inch deep like a spaner wrench. one hole on the side that I fear is a compression lock of some sort.
the new ones that I just ordered I figured that I would cut off the fixed end with the chop saw, fill that end with water, and re weld that end on with my 30 degrees drop on it.
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