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Wow you guys rock. Usually when I post some crazy stuff like this it takes weeks to get nearly this many responses with 1/8 this amount of information. You have given me allot of stuff to go research more before I can really respond very well.

But I will say in general I think the mud dragster setup looks to be the closest to what I was I wanting and if you guys are still interested in helping me out I am really looking for specific info on those suspensions and driveline setups, the Lingerfelter setups as well. I would really like to keep this old school but I am more focused on function over form, so if something works better then it gets the pick even if it looks too new or trick.

I want this to be old and ratty with lots of steel and iron with a big truck axle suicide out front like the mud dragster, to lull the unknowing modern tech fiends and their flashy bs $ parts so I may roast them when this monster actually performs like a raw beast from hell. Basically something you would need to coerce your girlfriend into climbing in, and that your mother would never get into, and your grandmother would probably not even recognize as a car. Granted you personally may have very different relatives than most, but you get the idea I am going for here.

Not that I want the truck parts for looks really, but my main priorities are
#1 strength and durability
#2 availability
#3 size and weight

I really think the live axles might work really well and can give a ton more anti-squat/pro-lift. I donít want to use a modern independent awd system. I would like it if the pieces are smaller or lighter or have better ground clearance so I can get the car low, but none of this matters if I canít find the part or if it is going to break when I launch the car with 800 ft/lbs with a manual and 4 sticky tires.

Also someone said something about a part time case and narrow hard tires, I am building this to really work. And hard narrow tires donít really work well and I think grippy wide tires will eat a locked part time case alive when trying to turn all the time with no differential. No offense, I appreciate the idea and it would help a ton if I could use a np205 or similar part time case but this is just not the route I really want to go with it.

I also would really like to use a manual if at all possible. I can build a c6 for the application if I need to but I really want a manual. Also I would use a full manual valve body with a transbrake in the c6 so I donít think the juicebox is gonna be any easier on driveline parts setup in that fashion.

The astro/bravada/typhoon transfer case looks promising if it has been proven to 700hp. Is there any way of possibly divorcing it or mating it to a ford tanny?

I build stuff to abuse the hell out of it and I wouldnít build an engine this strong if I wasnít going to use it, and I wouldnít build an awd system unless I needed it. This is why I build stuff overkill too, I donít know if it will really make quite 800 but it should be at least over 700hp and torque so I would like to leave a bit of headroom. This is why I am interested in the hardcore truck parts.

Also for the 2000lbs I meant the base foundation when it was a rear drive dragster type build. I canít really guess how much the awd parts like the heavy ass front axle and big transfer case are going to add yet because I donít know which ones I am going to need to use. I am hoping to keep the extra awd parts under 1000lbs? With the heaviest hardcore parts I might need to use to reliably handle heavy abuse with this engine, is staying under 3000 lbs reasonable?

That is still a serious power/weight ratio and that much power will be 100 percent more usable 90 percent of the time turning 4 wheels vs the rear drive setup I believe. And of course it always might even weigh in substantially lighter, but I am not disillusioned about the weight penalty of this concept.

I am very encouraged by the response so far here and I really think this might work. I donít mean to ask all this and not reply thoroughly but like I said I need to go research more and I will get back to you with more specific responses, I really do appreciate the input greatly.

Also are there any specific thoughts on the whole front live axle/ pro-lift idea?

I am not forgetting you Tim, I will look into the mud dragster 5 link you mentioned.
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