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Also for the jeep tranny, how will that connect to a big block ford? I doubt there is a bell housing for this.

The wagon np 229 or amc np129 transfer case sound cool but how strong are they and where the hell would I find them?

I have read a bit more on the 229, part-time/full-time? How is this designed exactly? Does it have a differential? That would be really cool if I could have a full time 4 wheel drive transfer case with a differential and the ability to shift into 2 wheel rear drive. This also has a viscous coupling? Is this coupling used AS the differential or is it used as an lsd IN the actual differential? If the later are there any other lsds available for it anyone knows of?

I also found a replacement drive chain and it is 1.75” wide, the np203 is 3” wide so that is a big difference for possibly the weakest part of the driveline.

What are your opinions on the chain drive strength? Allot of people locally are telling me the chain drive is weak and that is part of the reason most switch to an all gear np205. But other places I have read say the chain only breaks from misuse and neglect, and if taken care of with proper oil it is nearly bulletproof. What is the deal here?

Oh and sorry about any confusion before on the 385 thing, I didn’t even realize that I only wrote big block and not specifically big block FORD. It is a 460 base engine. I think I want to stay nearly stock displacement but there is a chance I might stroke it which would mean even more torque over a broader range. Basically without going into too much detail the plan is a 460 with a tunnel ram manifold and probably zoomies ( I never had the freedom of an open engine bay before) with a HUGE cam, 7000 rpm.
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