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tryin' to get my cage done

This is my progress as of last night. I think I'm going to run out of tube and shielding gas today. It wouldn't bother me to get suggestions as to door bars and what not. Keep in mind my mid 50's parents will be climbing in and out of it. I'd like to see some pics of easily removable door bars. I believe I've got the top pretty well taken care of. I'll be taking supports from the bends at the top of the C hoop to the back and will be doing the same thing from the center of the C hoop to the mounting points at the back. Oh yeah, how crazy do you folks get with guseting, I'm going to gusset the whole center area where all the tubing on top comes together and anywhere the tubing comes in on an angel, but should I worry about where the spreaders come in at 90's against the hoops? Photochop away, I don't mind

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