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I don't like airbags and I think they cause more injuries than they prevent. If you are wheeling and the airbag deploys it will most likely be a low speed collision where you happen to smack the sensor just right rather than a high speed collission. What will happen next is that the airbag will knock your hands off the wheel and if you are lucky your left hand will only be smashed into the A-pillar. Also your ears will be ringing from the noise of the airbags going off (imagine someone shooting a shotgun with the barrel 12" away from your face). Again if you are really lucky you won't need to be steering around an obstacle or away from a cliff or something because when the airbag goes off and you see everything go white you will sit there wondering why your hands are at your side. If you want to keep airbags for street driving I'd say simply pull the fuse when you go off road.
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Sherwood Park, Alberta eh?
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