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I ended up with a 1" of body lift. The plan is to have a flat belly pan. So, I ended up cutting up the floorboards to make some clearance.

I'm striving for a low CG, so the goal is to have 5" up travel, 9" of down travel.
Moving the axle forward posed a problem.. The frame dropped down more than I wanted it to. I saw it was going to be a problem with it hitting the steering components, so I decided to modify it. First I made sure everything was leveled, then I welded a couple of pieces of angle iron across the frame rails to keep everything from moving. Then, I cut a couple of wedge-shaped pieces out of the frame.

I pulled the frame upward, measured both sides, and tacked the pieces together. Then, I took another two slices out of the bottom side of the frame farther forward.

Sorry for the shitty picture quality. I should have checked them more often.

Then, I welded both sides together completely and ground them smooth.
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