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OK I'll check the ground to be sure. Here is what I found out when investigating the yellow wire. I removed the back cover of the Nippon Denso Igniter module and found out several things. The unit is grounded through the metal case, not the negative hook ups. The yellow wire running to Tach and emissions computer is connected to the black wires after being bridged with a 102 Ohm resistor (brown 1+, black 0+, red 2+ equals 102ohms with gold band indicating +- 5% tolerance). To ensure that I was correct i cut one of the ends of the resistor and checked for continuity only picked up resistance when touching black wire connection. The red and white wires go throught the solid state circuit and triggers the coil. The brown wires (two wires crimped together and soldered) is the feed for power to both coil and igniter. Black wires (two crimped and soldered) go to coil and the connection thats capped (ignition check connection). So I should have a resistor connected a ignition module terminal "C" and the connected to yellow wire which turns into a black wire on the wiring harness. Does this sound correct?
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