: General 4x4 Discussion

  1. forged pistons
  2. Which box behind Cummins 6.7L
  3. What do these shackles exactly do?
  4. foa ifp setting
  5. Inspected insides of Atlas II and found a new way to fill it easy!
  6. Linking rear of my XJ???
  7. L99 Water pump
  8. Homw made np205 to np203 adapter
  9. POS 3" weld on steering ram mounts
  10. Straddleline Race advice?
  11. show us your steering wheel /column
  12. Its first baby Flex lol
  13. Ford 60 SRW to DRW rotor saftey issue?
  14. Dana 60 Front diff bolts
  15. Super joint snap ring installation HELP
  16. school me on cj's.
  17. calling all wiring experts
  18. Rockwell lugnut
  19. Looking for ideas on home brewed bug masher pedals
  20. Help in the uk
  21. engine bay firewall mounted heater?
  22. 1410 Yoke for NP205
  23. Donor coils for rear of buggy?
  24. Cleaning/Soaking Engine parts
  25. Bedliner for cage paint?
  26. Nitto Tire YouTube video, check it out! KOH
  27. np 203 help
  28. Why not a 9" in place of a 14 bolt?
  29. Coilover/Bypass combo with no bumpstops. Any tips?
  30. Goodwrench 350 desktop dyno 5
  31. warn hawse steel fairlead dimensions please
  32. rocksolid performance drive flanges
  33. Propane Selector Valve
  34. Weird 205 Issue
  35. Rose Crawlers and Semper Fi Rock Racing Joint
  36. Newest Johnson Valley Trail BLOODY MARY!!!
  37. How are you guys sealing up the 14 bolt steering axles?
  38. What material for 3/8" thick rotors?
  39. need some radiator hold down clamp pics???
  40. Serious Body Roll...NEED ADVICE!!!
  41. psc website ?
  42. Went to put wheel back on and lugs spread?
  43. Headlights
  44. My Build of a Wide Open Design Evolution Chassis
  45. 83 bronco or 92 blazer
  46. what to get?
  47. rockwell bull gear
  48. QA1 coliover springs vs eibach, thoughts?
  49. Sprung weight question?
  50. Th400 1st gear bind
  51. Anyone running a Holley carb with off road needles and seats
  52. Body mounting with full cage?
  53. Cheapest way to finish out a spidertrax roller axle
  54. Jeep sending unit/pump depths for cell adapt
  55. Impco Model E question
  56. Help us SAVE THE HAMMERS!!
  57. adjustable Brake pedal
  58. Before & After Pics
  59. LSx swap- trans questions
  60. Steep angle cv
  61. Repairing beadlocks
  62. Wide Open Design has moved into a NEW SHOP! Grand Opening May 5th!
  63. Random PO689 Code on LS2
  64. Best mid-late 90s base for V8 buggy build?
  65. Wall thickness for Hard SS tubing
  66. Is there a better caliper then the GM 1/2 ones?
  67. Best aerosol can bedliner?
  68. re-work Hyrdo asst for uptravel & rough ride
  69. Cheap trail rig, questions
  70. pitman arm angle
  71. Boost buggy build
  72. Exhaust ball flanges?
  73. Suspension Freqency and Valving !
  74. Hybrid Dana
  75. another 3-link question
  76. 35 spline D60 front External Drive flanges
  77. Stumped???
  78. Any 7 Offroad's "Anger Management" build
  79. 6l80e to a 4SP Atlas
  80. Recommendations for 2.5" bypass shocks
  81. km2s
  82. Duel oil pump pick ups for ls would it work
  83. ARB internal seals?
  84. Sealed bearing failure WTF?
  85. tcase tcase tcase
  86. Hydro assist?
  87. 8.1 question
  88. Portable winch mounting
  89. Hydro hose
  90. Baja Pits Post Mint Tips: Bolts and Electrical Connectors
  91. Caster Change on front links
  92. Computer Mount/waterproofing?
  93. Sterling or Dana axle pinion brake?
  94. Link suspension setup: bumps and straps, or not?
  95. Solid motor mounts on comp rig.. shait?
  96. ultra bell with stock converter
  97. Hid lights
  98. Best CO/Air shock angle?
  99. 5 lug to 8 lug
  100. Mastercraft seat covers on a Corbeau
  101. Torque Converter Selection Help
  102. Front D60 Parts Interchange
  103. Vendor Compatibility
  104. R-SE Step Slider Installation
  105. UK Based "Vectis Racing's" Jeep T-J preparation for King of the Valleys 2012
  106. Wide Open Design and TFS/GetWrekt Racing present the Trailer Park Panty Dropper Build
  107. 350 TBI Pressure
  108. 2wd with locker
  109. traction device id help
  110. concept jeeps
  111. 4-link calc app
  112. sc 3800
  113. NP203 bolt pattern?
  114. Dana 60 question please help
  115. Tranny Temp
  116. Where is the oil in my LS going?
  117. to Shank are not to shank
  118. so how much heater do you need?
  119. cheapest place to buy a powertrax no slip
  120. Vendors not doing what they say.
  121. 10 points
  122. turbo blowthrough propane problems?
  123. hunting rigs
  124. Who makes 203 to 300 doublers?
  125. old wicked fab chassis build
  126. In need of an adapter to be built
  127. Southern Rock Racing Registration
  128. Little bit of AZ Wheeling
  129. Leafs for the front of a Ranger
  130. Has anyone seen The Proclaimer yet??
  131. R&P Help - Reverse or Standard Cut
  132. Quick measurement on link mounted shocks
  133. Tin Bender Jambo... April 28th
  134. ORI shocks...... school me..
  135. another name this axel, d60?
  136. KOH stock class Jeeps
  137. Not ur normal stinger! what yall think?
  138. pressed 20" weld in wheel centers?
  139. Fuelab fuel pump and feedback regulator
  140. welding bell housing
  141. need help with custom IFS
  142. Anybody have their suspension seats rebuilt?
  143. buggy time rock solid motorsports
  144. External Fuel Pump Mounting!?
  145. Roll Cage/Buggy Build input
  146. Dana 50 gear set manufacturer?
  147. Anything wrong with 2" harnesses?
  148. 14 bolt setup question
  149. winch motor wiring..
  150. What PSI Should I Run
  151. Dana 60 in late model f150
  152. Air Shocks: compressed air for test fit?
  153. bearing question
  154. Custom CNC plasma/laser and press brake work?
  155. Propane 225 or 425 mixer
  156. wierd clips on rotor
  157. nv3550, r154
  158. Proportion Valve Question
  159. How Do You Do a Cruise Control Servo Vacuum Test ?
  160. Problem With 5.3 Swap
  161. rpm off road
  162. matzell's 4runner "mod class" build
  163. Functional lockout tire-swinger "how-to"
  164. Atlas shifters?
  165. Proper radiator mounting parts/kit
  166. 8lug unit bearing brake options?
  167. Looking for cage design input
  168. Color coating vendor?
  169. Replacing a Fatigued Shaft
  170. Milemarker hydraulic winch Mods
  171. What is wrong with this gear install?
  172. Side to side yoke play..what to do?
  173. Welding on a shock body...
  174. What engine to run in my scout 800
  175. Drained an Optima, is it dead for good?
  176. NP205 shift rail issue
  177. Firewall Heat Issues
  178. Need help with coilover spring rates!
  179. 4l60e what to do
  180. Fly wheel, Torque converter dust covers on Trannys???
  181. Crossed up off-road chassis build
  182. Shannon Campbell Signs with Rugged Radios
  183. MOAB EJS Photographer NEEDED
  184. Coilover mounting help
  185. battery troubles
  186. Th400 rebuild time...
  187. Fuck a 14 Bolt!
  188. cam/springs on an LQ9, do I need pushrods?
  189. What are you paying for tube?
  190. Lucky Dog Racing---Sniper Fab buggy tear down
  191. Moab, EJS 2012; Potato Salad Hill Clean-up
  192. My search is broke on tapatalk. 360/th400 help.
  193. cage design: using both DOM and HREW
  194. exhaust flange repair
  195. D44 carrier assistance needed
  196. Rubber fuel line that will hold up to
  197. Brake fittings. Caps and plugs. Where to buy. What sizes.
  198. GM D60 right side U bolt plate bolt torque?
  199. Exo-cage for my seat
  200. Support moving smog check up to 1981 rigs
  201. No big Rocks on the East Coast, KGB Maryland Trailride
  202. dana 70u gear install problem
  203. HP 9" vs LP 9"
  204. Oil reacting with aluminized tubing?
  205. Best starter Truck
  206. Tuff Truck 2012 (Australia)
  207. Snow wheeling in Pakistan
  208. Pulling leafs on 44044s
  209. 32 spline vs 35 opinion?
  210. Aluminum foil on pilot bushing - yes or no?
  211. Werock dirt Riot Race Video
  212. Cold Air intake help
  213. flipping toyota 9.5 3rds?
  214. Brake Tech Advise Needed (Manual Brake and Cutting Brake Bore Size)
  215. Will the sterling hold up to 43's?
  216. Grooving TSL's
  217. custom fuel cell bladders???
  218. Got som big names registered for the SRRS
  219. replacing leafspring u-bolts with bolt-bolts
  220. Trail Gear Nine Inch housing?
  221. SS LTB's Should Be Coming Back In Sept.
  222. Brakes dana 60
  223. china led lights on the cheap (product review)
  224. Building a gas tank
  225. Corbeau Baja XRS seats
  226. 49s or 44s I donno which one I need
  227. Gauging interest in a LS header/Y-pipe combo
  228. Help with half doors.
  229. aftermarket versus OEM Taurus fans - aftermarket any good?
  230. Best tires in the 42" range
  231. Yukon Zip Locker install into an 1-Ton TJ
  232. New owner of shannon Campbells car!
  233. Teraflex Monster Joints yep/nope
  234. AAM 10.5" diff cover bolt size?
  235. where to buy a BIG shock/spring hoop?
  236. dana 60 drive flanges
  237. T/C Grinds in Fifth
  238. LED Lighting Questions?
  239. Heat Damage to LEDs & Private Labeling
  240. another Longfeild satisfied customer
  241. Long travel seat sliders (seat track)
  242. jack from ctm on pbb?
  243. Brand-New MERITOR Axles - USG Surplus
  244. Anyone use Tow/Haul mode to change shift points on 4L80E
  245. chevy driveshaft thickness
  246. Johnson Valley at a Crossroads
  247. what gear transfer case for 4:56 axles
  248. Superior stubs in a unit bearing superduty axle
  249. DRW to SRW Dana 60 hubs converstion
  250. Water pump gaskets