: General 4x4 Discussion

  1. Mounting a High Lift Jack on your Buggy
  2. PSC Plumbing Issues
  3. Local youth project
  4. Identifying a GM 5.3
  5. Reverse # Look Up Anyone?
  6. throwout bearing.. this cant be right
  7. 1.50 vs 1.75
  8. Gearbox or weekend warrior
  9. Looking for info on some tires
  10. whats the smallest aluminum heater core?
  11. Pirate4x4TV Episode 13 PART 2 is up - Tig welding with Jessi
  12. What are the top 3 things you learned building your U4 car?
  13. Scorpion like buggy
  14. Aluminum hawse fairled flip-off
  15. stopping drive shaft vibes
  16. Reverser Transfer Case
  17. New helper
  18. disk brake conversion
  19. NP205 clocking okay for operation?
  20. What suspension seat??
  21. Source for bulkhead fitting to run power to in-tank fuel pump
  22. 241/205 questions
  23. 14 bolt question
  24. Good, affordable trail GPS
  25. Clevis mount size?
  26. Need a basemap for an Explorist 600
  27. anybody know if there is a build for...
  28. ring gear bolts
  29. Quick propane fitting question
  30. Cooper Bussman RTMR Fuse block
  31. Auto Trans Shifters
  32. Derek West/ Crush Motorsports Rebuild!
  33. Need snaprings for 35spl D60
  34. Whats the idea with prerunner style shackles?
  35. Go cart U joints? halp please.
  36. Dana 61 ring gear spacer is there a renewed need?
  37. Corbeau Baja XPs for $99.99?
  38. What are you using for OBDII Scanners/Programers?
  39. Wrap Bar shackle angle ???
  40. DesertFab Racing New KOH / Ultra-4 buggy build
  41. transfer case mount
  42. Who Built "Turd Chaser" Cherokee?
  43. Lowrance Iway 500c or 600c
  44. 2010/2011 Snow Wheeling
  45. DPI Torque sensing 9" differential?
  46. Are SOLID covers "solid" enough?
  47. Ground clearance of a toyota 8" rear end
  48. Pacific Fabrication hooks it up!!
  49. relay harness - finding a cheap one
  50. CUCV axle question
  51. Motor Home / Trailer / Camper Rental for KOH 2011??
  52. np203 input swap
  53. buggy build, Moving the motor rearward?
  54. Looking to get a Brute type bed built in the SC or NC area
  55. anyone out at fordyce this week?
  56. Spindle brg bushing
  57. Testing New Competition series Atlas (post TTC 2010)
  58. dana 60 outer shaft differences 78-79 ford vs 88-97 ford
  59. ***Please help spread the word*** Stolen Carson Trailer in Corona this morning
  60. Everyone keeps saying people are steeling their stuff on trails....
  61. MDR Crash survivors making accusations
  62. Hi-Pin Kingpin 60 Swap into a Dodge: How-To Make ABS Work
  63. adapter to fit powerglide to ecotec 2.0
  64. Flusing a NV4500?
  65. 10mm x 1.0 Bubble flare Tee Fitting?
  66. Pre bent fullsize chevy roll cages
  67. sorry for leaving chit-chat and posting here...
  68. who makes 1550 axle C's?????
  69. What is the Best way to Balance Huge Tires?
  70. 2000 Disco on Portals
  71. which tubing is stronger?
  72. Custom propane tank mounts
  73. MFS 2011 KOH Build - The HMFS
  74. SBS oil pump?, high volume vs high volume and high pressure
  75. Rockwell drive shaft flanges and u joints
  76. Finally - a new tech article is up!
  77. 14 bolt cable locker
  78. Can anyone identify this PTO / Winch part?
  79. Looking to hire offroad graphic artist
  80. Cable Hill 1 Adam Woodlee 0
  81. Wheel widening
  82. Where to buy soltek lights
  83. Killdozer/monster tow rig
  84. Whose rockwell brake setup?
  85. Wireless Winch Controllers
  86. Rockwell Alignment Jig Bar
  87. anyone wanna give there $.02? 3-link mockup
  88. Out of the Box Muffler ideas?
  89. winch rope failure
  90. Still one of my favorite competition saves!
  91. General Grabbers
  92. Crawl Nov Sneel Peek...WFTW
  93. detroit locker parts
  94. hankook M/T tires
  95. Cage Design Q
  96. Fluid containment
  97. what engine to go with?
  98. Cooling system woes- help?
  99. impco 300a propane mixer adapter
  100. which winch
  101. best TIG filler for welding rear truss to diff. housing?
  102. In need of insiration
  103. General discussion? is there off topic? if so feel free to move this thread.
  104. Home made Internal bead locks thread
  105. AIM Portal's Compared to the other options
  106. Rear radiator placement? Ultra4
  107. Tire Bead ?
  108. Front or rear mount radiator?
  109. Champion Beadlocks?
  110. Competition Highlight Video
  111. 35 spline d44 carrier bearings??
  112. Kraqa's KOH 2011 Rebuild
  113. Most popular Wilwood caliper?
  114. 12v question
  115. converting tie rod to hiem.. drill, sleeve, weld questions
  116. PLEASE HELP!! Busted EB steering box in Moab
  117. Bombproof winch controller?
  118. choosing a budget drivetrain for first Ultra4 build
  119. Nv3500 info
  120. chassis guru's Spreader questions???
  121. 4 link with heims on only one end?
  122. Ranger under/overdrive?
  123. Brakes Help>>>YJ 1ton
  124. Inner bead trouble with SXs on Trail Ready
  125. King of the Hammer!
  126. fire system nosel placement
  127. Dana 60 spindle question
  128. Ford 9 carrier?
  129. Dana 60
  130. 1960's gmc 70 series front axle, brc donation
  131. converting a radiator to a trans cooler
  132. dana 70HD
  133. Custom Rig Project BIODIESEL fueled
  134. Gps help
  135. Where to get a 60 Amp Maxi Circuit Breaker?
  136. D60 ARB Question
  137. Buggys With Non-Grocery getter Hoods/Grills
  138. Spicer D60 hub lockout reproductions... why has nobody done this yet?
  139. pulling after alignment
  140. The ever thinning wallet
  141. Spy pics of new Ballistic Joint
  142. Super D44 build up plans & ?'s
  143. Welding to a Crane diff cover.
  144. Trade show last weekend
  145. Were did you find your GM engine and tranny combo
  146. CTM circle clips coming off
  147. Running 39.5's or Larger on the Street need a little help
  148. re-tube or new housing
  149. Bringing a Buggy back to Life!! Greg Hussey's OG buggy
  150. Reverse Spinning Transfer Case
  151. Can a dana 60 hold up to 47s
  152. Ouverson Stocker Carnage
  153. 14 bolt spindle help??
  154. NIB D60 Spicer lockout hub assemblies and knobs!?
  155. mr. edd buggy
  156. Source for non adjustable C02 regualtors
  157. Better battery cables?
  158. Where Can I Find King Air Bump Canisters
  159. Maximum run time for engine with no water?
  160. Orbital fitting help in a bad way...
  161. Pilot Bushing Help!!!
  162. Does anyone make a hat-style rotor larger than 12.19" BESIDES Wilwood?
  163. best cost effective tranny for crawling
  164. Bigger than one ton TRE's
  165. DRW D-60 front hubs interchange with SRW ones?????????????????????????????
  166. Anyone know what this trans is?
  167. beadlock mounting question
  168. Best way to clean cruddy hub gears... sandblasting okay?
  169. Calling for Support!
  170. Tire/Axle Ratio Question... and more
  171. Is this portal axle a rockwell?
  172. October Pirate4x4TV Recording already up!
  173. Determining the "year" of a 700R4 tranny
  174. 2011 Torchmate TTB Ultra4 Build Thread
  175. How to gusset front arms
  176. Whats similar to a scout box?
  177. What kind of tire milage are you guys getting with BFG KM2
  178. lowest pressure for hydro bumps
  179. Wide Open Design Fuel System Advice
  180. NP203 input gear swap
  181. Just looking for a little Dana 60 insite
  182. Inchworm gear
  183. Another Good Pirate T.V Show
  184. 35 VS 40 spline for KOH
  185. Dana 44 Questions
  186. Ouverson website
  187. Only 1.5 hours till showtime!
  188. Front bumper or Nerf bar on an ultra 4...
  189. Project: Cheap Chase Charlie
  190. problem with a d 60 lock hubs
  191. Tonights episode of Pirate4x4 Tv Live should be epic
  192. NP205 1410 Yoke Parking Brake Rotor Mounting
  193. Air bumps pressure charge/shock valve/spring tune
  194. Tire carrier hinge using 1" bolt?
  195. Accordion breather for transmission
  196. Ever Seen A NP 205 do this....
  197. Cal-Neva Extreme Logo Finalist Top 10
  198. caliper placement.....
  199. GM Electrical Clip
  200. Fuel line / hose
  201. Supercharged vs. Turbocharged
  202. So who has actually used the Kwik Jak?
  203. You wants a wild ride tracked truck
  204. front or rear engine for race buggy?
  205. D60 for rear steering??
  206. 4 cylinder jeep hydraulic steering question
  207. REMOVABLE subframes with Link Mounts... Post your pics.
  208. Ok you asked for the Buggy Build Thread, so here it is!
  209. Dana 60 Front supply
  210. Halo warthog a practical build?
  211. Looking for information on a buggy
  212. bypass shocks for east coast racing?
  213. 14bolt build which axles?
  214. Tranny Mount Designs
  215. D80 front again
  216. Axle width FJ40
  217. 4.3 vs 5.3 lsx
  218. How fuct is my warn winch?
  219. RaceTrim kids seats
  220. Tundra 2wd to 4wd conversion
  221. Ex-police chief's Kevlar gas tank punctured by vandal with ice pick?
  222. problem installing knuckles on d44?
  223. BG Bypass Regulator?
  224. Where's the Expo Pics?
  225. Hi9 iol level with stock housing?
  226. axle info.
  227. E85
  228. Ring and Pinion Question
  229. School me on axle straps.
  230. jam nut strength
  231. Wrap ideas needed
  232. Tire shop in Socal that can pop the bead on 37's
  233. Poly performance?
  234. Professional Products Powerjection III vs. EZ EFI from F.A.S.T
  235. Yukon shaft "assembled in the USA" ?
  236. Fuel pump issues
  237. Anyone using the new Ruffstuff hubs
  238. what vehicles came with divorced Tcases?
  239. Dick Cepec Fun Country tyres
  240. Guide to Moab
  241. howe & howe SR1 to SR9
  242. Propane 350 getting terrible MPG (inefficient, bad mileage, poo poo per tank)
  243. GPS while offroading?
  244. Char lynn part number help !
  245. Replacement Steering Column and Wheel
  246. Detroit Diesel starter?
  247. SS Tube Clamps for Brake lines, Hoses etc.
  248. Locating a Phantom Electrical Drain...
  249. Project Dubin
  250. Cal-Neva Extreme Logo Contest to end midnight Thursday