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Xwardbl 08-02-2018 06:52 PM

Air delivery
Needing help with air delivery. Truck is a 2015 ram 2500 diesel. I'm running aev snorkel. Problem is new setup is compond turbos . I need to feed this engine as much air as possible but also be completely air tight. Anyone have any ideas or know of a sealed air intake box I could modify. Thanks

PROJECTJUNKIE 08-02-2018 07:59 PM

Are you actually driving your brodozer thru 40" of water?
Run dual 10" stacks, one for boost one for coal bra :laughing:

Valley Rock 08-02-2018 09:20 PM


Originally Posted by Xwardbl (Post 44002032)
I need to feed this engine as much air as possible but also be completely air tight.

If it's just water tight would that be good enough ?

Beat95YJ 08-02-2018 09:45 PM

Only a custom air inlet is going to flow enough air for that. No off-the-shelf snorkel is going to give you what you want. Most people that are into over landing do not run TwinTurbo’s. They run stock engines so that they are as reliable as possible. I can’t imagine wanting to take a long trip with a time bomb under the hood.

Xwardbl 08-02-2018 10:26 PM

Not a brodozer by far. I hunt and trap in some bad places. I wanted something capable of pulling and going anywhere. Yes my truck has 40's, chromoly axles, air lockers, rock sliders, axle pushed forward and frame shortened. I'm needing help not smart ass remarks. Thanks

Xwardbl 08-02-2018 10:31 PM

I agree that most of these set ups are time bombs. This setup is different. My twin setup will lower my egts by 300 degrees when I'm pulling or in low range. I've upgraded intercooler and radiator also. Not going for high horsepower here. Just wanted it reliable and able to take on a variety of terrains. I guess an all around rig for my life style.

Xwardbl 08-02-2018 10:33 PM

Yes water tight, just need enough air flow to feed my engine. I was looking at fleet guard and modifying it to do the job. Just didn't know if there was something out there already.

Van_Diesel 08-03-2018 04:20 AM

Off hand I can think of two ways. The first would be Make a custom aluminum box and snorkel set up. The second would be to look at an equipment junk yard. Most tractors and heavy equipment have an air filter that is already set up with a round snorkel inlet. You may also want to check out cab over trucks for a filter box. If you go with a large cat filter it should flow enough for your set up, but you will need to figure out how to get it stuffed in your engine bay.

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