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badfish 11-26-2001 08:51 PM

premier power welder
Who has bought one lately, and how do you like it (good and bad). What Amp did you get and how did it weld.:)

roverhybrids 11-27-2001 12:18 AM

I got one a year ago. 160 amp altenator. It welds pretty nice; but i haven't really used it much as I took it out of the rig I had it in because I sold it. I've been planning on putting it in another rig but haven't got around to it. My only complaint is that the altenator is noisy(hi pitched whine) which was compounded by the fact that the rig I had it in had 5.57 gears and no overdrive with 36" tires.........the high RPM while freeway driving increased the noise of the altenator. At low RPM during around town driving it was no big deal.

Lucy's Driver 11-27-2001 07:29 AM

I put one in about a year ago. The alt does make a bit of noise, but not bad. At first I thought I had bad bearings in there though.
I kind of went though a major PITA with it - pulled the old crap, installed the whole deal (including relocating a bunch of stuff under the hood), fired it up - and the alternator wasn't charging the battery.
Dealt with PPW on it, they overnighted me a new alt that day (I sent back the old one later), swapped that one in, been fine since.
Welds really nice.

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