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82FB 08-17-2003 01:47 PM

Just got back from Dusy and Swamp
Fun trails, not too difficult, but great scenery. We camped at Courtright Lake by the dam. Part of our group went in Thursday morning from the north end of the Dusy heading south to Courtright. The rest of us stayed at Courtright, and intended to meet them Friday going in from the south on the Dusy. The trail turned out to take them much longer than they thought, and they made it out Saturday.

Now for the tech...
One of our group had apparent master cylinder problems. Had to pump the brakes to get a pedal all day long. Turns out his front wheel bearings were loosening up and causing the rotor to wobble, and push the pads back from the rotor.

Now for the question...

Two more toyotas went in from the north end Thursday night. A tan longbed 82 on 36 inch TSL's, and a white, bobbed 85 extra cab on 37 inch mtr's. They were going to try to catch up with the first group, but apparently never did. I have not heard from them since thursday afternoon, when they were leaving fresno. If anyone saw them or has any info I would appreciate it.

Oh, and about swamp lake. We went in saturday around 11 am. Got to this very steep granite face about 100 feet up or so. Made chicken rock on the Dusy seem flat, and I don't mind saying that it made me nervous driving up it.:D As if that wasn't bad enough, we decided to turn around at that point, as we were unsure of how much longer we had to go, and it was getting late. So we got to go right back down it. A toyota came within a whisker of rolling about halfway down. The rear end started sliding and came around 6-8 feet on him. I have no idea why it didn't roll. All in all a beatiful area, and a fun time.:)

RockRanger 08-17-2003 02:06 PM

sounds like an enjoyable weekend. Im heading up the dusy over labor day weekend. except we are only going top thompson then coming back out. Ill ask my girlfrind if she saw your budies come out. she was up camping and playing by courtright saturday and should be back tonight sometime.


Terry4X4 08-17-2003 05:00 PM

The rock face on Swamp AFAIK is called Rooster Rock. Fun to go up, haven't tried coming down it yet. From what I remember, Rooster Rock is less than half way through the trail. Been about 3 years since I've been to Swamp.

Our club will be running Dusy the weekend after Labor Day. Planning to go all the way through from Courtright.

TommyJeep 08-17-2003 05:21 PM

Rooster rock is cool. I ran that trail a couple months ago, the day after they opened it. I was testing a new 4-link / coilover setup in the back it it wasn't setup quite right. About half way up, the front left tire came off the ground and stayed up for about 20 feet or so. Then, it went WAY up and I had to stop. I was a bit nervous because I had my wife, mom and 2nd cousin (7 years old) in the Jeep at the time. There was also a friends wife at the bottom with a camera. As soon as I stopped, she went running. Good thing because I thought I was about to back down the hill (not my choice). Anyways, here's a pic after the front end came down.


Very cool trails up there. We've got a small group running through Dusy over Labor day. Did that for the last couple years. Heck, two years ago it snowed on us on the way in, snow in September! Gotta love it.

Bill Collins 08-17-2003 07:16 PM

where's the pics?

LCOwner 08-17-2003 07:21 PM

I've done Rooster up and down for years now the secret going up is to just do it and get right as soon as possible. As for going down...aim for the slot and don't lollygag if you have questionable breaks or no gears.

Swamp is a great trail but is is much better if you plan on camping half way through.

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