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Fuzzybiscuit 11-26-2018 12:04 PM

Tc-143 or Dana 21 transfer case
Iím in the middle of building an Ecotec powered amphibious buggy for bombing around all the Muskeg up here in northern Alberta. Iím using the 4T-40E transaxle that came out of the same Cavalier so I wasnít going to incorporate a transfer case into the build since I was just going to weld up the differential in the transaxle. Iím trying to keep this thing as short and light as possible so instead of having the motor/transaxle just in front of the rear diff Iím thinking of putting it tight over the rear axle. If I do so Iím going to need a transfer case but with the 538 gears in the diffs I donít need a 2-speed case. Ive been looking for a while trying to find a TC-143 single speed aluminum case from a 70ís Scout but so far Iíve come up blank. Iíve talked to a couple people who did the Dana 20 conversion in their Scouts but in both cases they tossed the TC-143 after they were done. A Dana 21 would work also but Iíd prefer the aluminum cased TC-143.

Any ideas? Is there another light weight single speed case out there that I donít know about? Anybody know where I can find one?

The other option I have would be to make one with some pillow block bearings, shafts, sprockets, etc... but I have enough things going on with this build right now If I could find one that would work Iíd probably be better off.

Fuzzybiscuit 11-26-2018 12:24 PM

Hereís a few details on the build:

Custom 1 1/2Ēx 3Ē tube frame
Front Ď89 Ford Kingpin Dana 60 narrowed to 54Ē WMS to WMS. 5.38 gears with a cable actuated OX locker.
Rear Ford Dana 60 with 5.38 gears and a Detroit locker. Narrowed to 54Ē WMS to WMS.
Brakes removed from the wheels on both axles. Pinion brakes both front and rear. Calipers also have mechanical park brake.
52Ēx 27Ē wide low impact tires on double beadlock wheels imported from Russia. They can be run to a maximum of 11 psi. Probably be around 4 psi most the time.
No suspension. The tires will be the only suspension.
The body will be all aluminum with square tube ROPs over it.

In northern Alberta we donít have any rock crawling. Most the area except for the river valleys is pretty flat with lots of standing water. This will be a purpose built rig for getting through all the Muskeg that pretty much swallows up side by sides and quads. Some areas the Muskeg has no bottom so it needs to be amphibious.

The guy who imported the tires for me has them on a 4700 pound Jeep TJ and it still floats quite well. Iím hoping to be 2000 pounds lighter once done.

total newb 11-26-2018 01:56 PM

Afaik. D21 are ford drivers drop and all divorced.

Are you reading something different?

Fuzzybiscuit 11-26-2018 02:10 PM

Drivers drop and divorced on the D21 would be perfect. I believe the TC-143 can be clocked to give either side drop. They are also a bit lighter than the cast iron D21 from what I can gather.

arse_sidewards 11-27-2018 05:56 AM


Originally Posted by total newb (Post 44190368)
Afaik. D21 are ford drivers drop and all divorced.

Are you reading something different?

They never made a divorced D21. They all came as married units behind 435 and T18/19s.

Fuzzybiscuit 12-04-2018 09:39 PM

Because this is a swamp buggy Iíll be using to access area that will swallow up a quad or sxs Iíve decided to keep the weight down low and run it like a traditional transaxle buggy with no transfer case. Light weight will be the key and sitting a bit higher will be good when running through the willows so to keep it as short as possible the seats will be over the front of the motor cover.

Thanks for the replyís and pmís, much appreciated.

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