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Americas past and future

Americas past and future if there is to still be one :roll:

In the early years of this country we where oppressed and taken advantage of by the politically powerful which at that time was British Nobles Royal family this forced every day people farmers, hunters store keepers etc to band together as a multia or a citizens army if you want to call it , this group of untrained undisciplined farmers fought off and won the war against what was one of the most powerful military at the time the British red coats bleed red and eventually went home but its important to note that some of there tactics where effective such as a naval blockade which pretty much cut the Americas off form outside help and resources. Moving forward in history the Southerners Confederacy wanted a honorable way of life but the Northern Yankees had already had a taste of political power (the same as we are plaque with in today's politics) and had a much different idea then the south. Now we all know the side who claims victory is the one who writes the history books no matter what the truth :banghead:
The Confederacy greatest assets and biggest liability was General Lee he was trained at west point and know may of the Yankee officers , General Lee was undoubtedly a brilliant military strategist which was to the Confederacy benefit unfortunately General Lee was also a honorable gentleman which lead to the south's surrender. During the first two years again and again and again the poorly armed and out numbered Confederate soldiers pushed the Yankee troops back across the mansion dixen line where General Lee had them stop , General Lee wanted to live in piece and only keep the northern troops out of the south This was the turning point of the war and the beginning of the downfall of America it again allowed basically the same tactics as the British tried to use earlier and that was to alienate the south and cut off all supply lines which they did again by sea effectively bleeding the south dry of all resources during the first two years in which the Confederate army could have easily won and keep us one nation that could have gone in a much better direction . Those mistakes have lead this Country into today's age with only being able to vote for professional power hunger politicians an even worse the Obama administration :sad2:

Sadly we as Americas don't seem to learn form history but the outsiders do How long do you think it was in motion to get someone like Obama in Office? you know he has someone writing those speech telling all those "sheep" that follow him exactly what they want to hear (same as they do in those suicide cults isn't it) and the speeches never seem to match his actions but in the digital age if you can pump enough lies out there on tv people will start to believe there true don't believe that then why is Obama in office again. He isn't even a natural born American but with enough money and power you can suppress anything I guess. Now the professional politicians just don't want to loose their power an hey lets face it the average guy like you or me just couldn't afford to run for office the way the system works now days an I seriously doubt that's what our founding fathers had in mind when they drafted the constitution :cry: Weather the Obama administration learned form history or planed this on there own they are effectively doing the same thing form inside the government to destroy America! Obama knows his actions reflect as Americas around the world so he pulls out or military leaving issues unfinished , he guts our military financial he alienates us for outside help of other countries, He fear our citizens , he fears their right to bear arms so he has Hillary and others tiring to eliminate our guns and ammunition and personally I think he fears losing control of the military if a revolution ever happened . And lets not forget to mention his Obama care that's really to our benefit isn't it. Obama Has destroy our financial system our dollar used to be the world currency and Obama's idea is just print more making it worthless but at least his wife has plenty of cash to spend on her trips ........ you can't convince me he doesn't know exactly what he is doing he intends to destroy this country form the inside and has been pretty effective so far another four years should seal our fate.

The IMPEACHMENT of Obama mite help save this country and allow s to slowly heal this nation otherwise in theory the only hope would be another civil revolution to free us before America is lost forever.

Other countries are watching trying to decide which one of them wants to colonize America after Obama finishes destroying it! This roller coaster ride we are on is off the tracks and headed straight for crash into the ground below. We must ask are self's will our kids and grand kids still live free I have my doubts.
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ok, cool. What crime did Obama commit while in office that legislature will charge him for?

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Originally Posted by TexasBlake View Post
ok, cool. What crime did Obama commit while in office that legislature will charge him for?
Even if there were dozens, which one would actually go anywhere? We're a banana republic now, and papadoc isn't going to prosecute himself.
It's just a good thing we don't get all the government we pay for.
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