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Originally Posted by rockyota83 View Post
ive seen a lot of snapped rods that have exited the block, cant recall seeing too many camshafts snapped in half
Not wheeling, but found this in my tractors oil pan.

Oh yeah, that work truck is
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Originally Posted by thefishguy77 View Post
That sucks. Good luck with the hydrolock.

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Thanks man. That was a year ago. I had a replacement engine in the next week. Truck is on tons and 40s now
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Went wheeling with some buddies back in high school. Was in east county San Diego in a location that shall not be named, but was fun for all the locals to go back in with motos, 4x4s, quads, etc.

It was summer, so no top or doors on my jeep, and we had been picking stupid lines through some deep washouts and rain ruts for fun. My buddy gets out to pee, and pisses right on a yellow jacket's nest. He comes running with a cloud of hornets behind him yelling "BEES! LETS GOOOOOO!"

For some reason(spoiler alert- am idiot), I have had bad luck with bees/wasps in the past and am pretty much over getting stung ever again in my life. Seeing my buddy vault into the passenger seat with a cloud of angry stingers behind him flipped the fuckit switch in my head and I went full 2wd 5K clutch drop while whipping my shit around the other way as fast as possible. This led to an extremely bumpy drift across several large rain ruts. I think I made it about a 1/4 mile and 3rd gear before we both calmed down.

As I turn around, I notice that my rear axle now has about a foot of lateral movement. Get out and check.. sure enough I tore off the panhard bar and one upper link at the frame and a lower link at the rear axle. Limped it home at 20 mph on a 2 link and had to explain to my parents that I needed a ride to school for the next few days until new link brackets showed up in the mail.

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I did a volunteer trail clean up at raush creek off road park, just cutting trees back and picking up trash. So it was a non wheeling event, but I ended up flopping my jeep anyway....


96 XJ, 4.56'S on 35's Aussie locked messy pile, 5.9 ZJ 35's

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My submission.

Mis-judged where the trail went and went across the ice in a deeper spot than I had intended.

That was a fun afternoon. Drained water out of the motor, dried the HEI on the dash of my buddies rig and it fired up and made it back to the trailer.


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Originally Posted by toocheaptosmoke View Post
Not wheeling, but found this in my tractors oil pan.

Oh yeah, that work truck is
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New Years Eve, I believe right before they closed the rivers down in Texas. Didn't think the pool was this deep here, front end dropped off ledge and things got cold and wet quick. The kid on the back was a friends son who had been in passenger seat, he bailed quick when we started to go in. I yelled at him to freeze, I was afraid him jumping off the back would send me all the way in LOL

We pulled it out, pulled plugs, shot water out of engine, plugs back in and wheeled the rest of the day and drove it home
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The truck I've done the majority of my stupid shit in is my POS Ranger.

First time wheelin it stock on PR78-16 Buckshots with blown belts, I laid it on its passenger door trying to make it up a shitty ravine. Tore the motor mounts out that day, the motor moved so much it would pop the brake booster line off, and rev up and take off with no brakes. Zip tied a piece of duct tape over the vacuum nipple and sent it all day. Drove it home after hooking the vacuum back up and babying it.

Took it out before work one day, now with 4.56s, Lincoln locked rear, and decent 35 Mud Kings, and a winch with blown solenoids. Nose dove into a mud hole deeper than it looked. With an extra battery cable and a set of jumper cables, hot wired the winch, rode the truck out sitting on the core support touching wires together.

Buddy blew one of the ecu modules out of his F250 while taking a girl out wheelin, calls me, I drug him out of the trail, but there was a steep decent to the bottom of a hill, chained myself to the back of him, pushed him to get him going, and was the anchor all the way down, low range hard on the brakes.

Tore the truck down while building another, so it was a field bomber with no front diff, locked scout rear with 4.88s, and some haggard ass 39.5 TSLs. Same buddy with the F250 buried it while home on leave, nobody could pull him out. Went home, Jumped the field bomber, drove it with no plates there, drove it down this icy shitty trail to where he was, 2nd gear 2.9 valve float the entire time. Hooked up the winch and had him out in 2 seconds.

Truck was sorta rebuilt, with a narrowed 44HP up front, spools front and rear, still a junk ass 2.9, and 38s. Out bombing around alone in the winter, got lost, and when I realized I was in a real shitty spot in this trail with 5' deep water holes in places, I broke through the ice, probably 3' deep, deep enough I couldn't open the door. Knew it was a pretty decent trench, with walls so to speak, dialed hard right, dropped the clutch and it climbed out somehow.

Theres some more for sure
POS Ranger on narrow 3/4 tons with a 357w noise maker
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I had done something to my samurai that required turning the motor over slowly (set valves maybe). Got done, went wheelin. Hour later I'm just getting back on the road and it dies, won't start. The sun is setting as I open the hood and start looking around. 10 minutes later I notice the bolt that goes in the crank pully is gone. I had forgotten to take the ratchet wrench of that bolt before leaving. Had to call my brother to tow me home. The worst part was finding another bolt and weird metric socket I had lost.

Not me but funny. I'm in shop class in high school and at least an hour and a half after lunch this kid rolls in with mud up to his chest. Apparently he went mudding during lunch and got his stock 80s bronco in too deep. I thought it was funny because he was the type of kid that acted like his shit was better than it was.

Other stupid thing I did was when I was 18 I loaded up the neigbor kids in my suburban and hit the local gravel pit which had recently changed hands. The new owners didn't like trespassers unlike the old. I had 2 drunk hicks and sheriffs surrounding my truck within 10 minutes of havin some fun. I got off because they told the guys they would cite them with drunk driving if they pressed any charges against me. I had a lot of parents angry at me that night though.
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