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Conversation Between donutfj80 and magoo117
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  1. magoo117
    12-13-2009 08:31 AM - permalink
    91 and up with a six cylinder will do, I just dont want any rust on the frame
  2. donutfj80
    12-13-2009 06:28 AM - permalink
    What year yj? I'll keep my eyes open up here. Ithaca is a big college town and lot of kids sell there cars for beer money.
  3. magoo117
    12-12-2009 02:15 PM - permalink
    nothin, Im looking for a YJ, I have a bunch of parts for it but I need something to put them on. Actually building an old Harley.
  4. donutfj80
    12-12-2009 11:07 AM - permalink
    there are a couple 4x4 clubs with private property, I'm going to a place called waynes 4x4 world. its a small private park with rocks, tire pits, log pits, mud and trails. I'll let you know how it is. What are you building now?
  5. magoo117
    12-12-2009 07:28 AM - permalink
    rite now I dont have anything to wheel, but my buddys would go for sure, Ill ride shotgun. lemme know when ya want to go.
  6. donutfj80
    12-11-2009 08:42 PM - permalink
    I'll be home around X-mass, maybe I'll grab my board and come by. I just got another cruiser, 78 fj40 w/ 350. I'm thinking rock/mud/trail buggy. Are you going to Raush Creek any time soon?
  7. magoo117
    12-11-2009 05:31 PM - permalink
    Joe, What size tires are ya lookin for? I think there is a set of 33's in the shed. You still skatin? Im picking up a mini half tomorrow for my home.
  8. donutfj80
    12-10-2009 09:20 PM - permalink
    Yea still have it, Just finished rebuilding it. As soon as I finish documenting it over on mud I'll send you a link. You know of any cheep rubber? Good to here from you!
  9. magoo117
    11-08-2009 07:37 AM - permalink
    holy crap Joe, how are ya doin? I was just thinking about you, that sounds gay doesnt it? I saw a big LandCruzer and thought it was you maybe? do you still have it?
  10. donutfj80
    11-07-2009 06:41 PM - permalink
    Mitch, Whats up man? Its Joe, from E&L with the LandCruiser. I'm on ih8mud.com and thought I'd venture over here and track you down. I hope all is well, Joe

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