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Conversation Between DWT and Bear88
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  1. Bear88
    02-05-2013 10:43 AM - permalink
    yeah the twin stick was about $350 and the single is at a junk yard, so with the wiring for the AW4 for my 3.0 do you think ill go through much trouble, do i need to find a different computer for the tranny or is it compatible with the 3.0. From all my readings the AW4 and the A340F are almost exactly the same but it seemed for me to do an A340F swap id run into speed sensor problems, with having to mill out the tail housing. I have a 4 cyl transfer case and leads to a A340F transmission but it seemed id be going through less trouble running the AW4 and a Dana 300 behind my 3.0. What are your thoughts on this? again sorry im new to all this coming from a family who had never done auto work. i just don't want to get to far over my head i think your the first thread with success to seeing an AW4 in a yota with a Danna 300, everyone talks about it but ive never really seen it been written up completely i was finding more negative feed rather then positive so i had to ask
  2. DWT
    02-03-2013 08:16 AM - permalink
    That shouldn't be a tough conversion at all. As far as transfer case either version will work. The only big differences in 300's is the tailshaft which can be swapped easily. If you have both a twin sticked and single available go for the single if its more than $75 cheaper. It's about that much for a sweet stainless twin stick from box 4 rox. :D. Some guys run a 5/8" clocking ring since most xj output shafts are a bit too long, I ran a 231 crawl box so it wasn't needed for me.
  3. Bear88
    01-31-2013 08:20 PM - permalink
    hey so I'm still kind of new to wheeling, but anyways I've got an 88 4runner v6 auto 3.slow and my tranny went out. so I've been looking into the AW4 out of a XJ 91 or higher and found a Dana 300 dual stick or just a Dana 300 do i need another part to make this work like the clock ring or the adapter between the Tranny and T Case? what part did you end up using and where can i find one?
    Id Really appreciate your help, thanks.

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