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Topic Review (Newest First)
02-27-2016 05:10 PM
pinionblack Wipers | West Marine

We used marine wipers on a racecar we built. Afi has some options at West Marine but they only single wipers. My old Volvo p1800 had a nice dual post self contained unit.
02-27-2016 08:03 AM
Beat95YJ Ask drew at Goatbuilt. He just did a windshield setup for the ibex w/ iirc wipers.
02-27-2016 07:59 AM
Originally Posted by jesusgatos View Post
Anybody have a good source for universal windshield wiper motors? Need to put windshields and wipers in this thing so I can drive it on the street. Haven't ruled-out reusing the stock ww motor and linkage, just wondering what my options are.
Maybe look into an older cj style wiper motors that mount on the top of the window frame. I believe they are all self contained
02-27-2016 01:19 AM
jesusgatos Anybody have a good source for universal windshield wiper motors? Need to put windshields and wipers in this thing so I can drive it on the street. Haven't ruled-out reusing the stock ww motor and linkage, just wondering what my options are.

02-26-2015 09:38 AM
Originally Posted by Beat95YJ View Post
Where are your bump stops?
In a box in the garage. Hadn't got around to installing the hydraulic bumpstops. Want to install airbags in the rear too, and was waiting to do install the bumpstops so I could build mounts for both at the same time. Shaft-mounted bumpstops for now.

Originally Posted by Beat95YJ View Post
As far as the front tires wearing funny, do you have a locker in the front end? Check your caster and also are you running Hydro assist? These three can contribute to a lack of self centering.
ARB up front. Think caster might have something to do with it. Would like to measure a stock cruiser, but would doubt this one is much taller. No hydro-assist yet, but that's on the list of things to do. Not that it will help with this problem. Thanks for the suggestions.
02-26-2015 08:23 AM
Beat95YJ Where are your bump stops? Are they on the axle or are you using shaft mounted bumps? Shaft many bumps impart huge loads on your shock mounts. That's not to say you shouldn't do it, but you need to make sure your mounts are up to the task.

As far as the front tires wearing funny, do you have a locker in the front end? Check your caster and also are you running Hydro assist? These three can contribute to a lack of self centering.
02-26-2015 01:08 AM
jesusgatos With the race over and the steering fixed, Rob and I spent the rest of the week rallying around and we hammered on the cruiser a lot harder than I thought we would, just because it took it all in stride. Forget when, but one afternoon we ran into Kevin from PacFab. While we were talking someone noticed that there was an oil leak and the source was obvious. Cracked oilpan. Looked like a tab on the axlehousing might have kissed it. That's weird, swear I cycled the shit outta the suspension and verified that there wasn't any kind of interference at full-compression.

Oh... well that explains it. The lower shockmounts collapsed. Had just stuffed the frontend a few moments earlier when we got out of rhythm in some big whoops and that was almost certainly what did it.

Fortunately caught it right away and barely lost any oil. Patched it with some quicksteel and called it good, but damn, not looking forward to fixing that. Those shockmounts should have been boxed, but didn't think we'd push it hard enough to matter on this trip. Dumbass.

Only other incidents were trivial. Melted a bushing on one of the exhaust hangers. Got hung-up on the rear driveshaft and it needs to be re-tubed. Muffler took a hit. Drag-link bent. Again. Tie-rod ends actually bent the second time.

Brought a lot of the playa home with us. And rust. Bitch is growing barnacles. But was really pleased with how it performed out there and intend to make time to finish-finish it. Working on the XRamblers right now and will probably finish Blackmore's truck next, but will be back to work on this soon.

02-26-2015 12:38 AM
jesusgatos Nobody in Hammertown had the right size tubing to sleeve the draglink and I didn't feel like sacrificing my brand new Hi-Lift handle, so I waited till RuffStuff got there and they helped me get it all sorted out. Talked with Dan about maybe bringing our mobile workshop trailer to help out next year. Those guys were doing an amazing job, helping racers and spectators alike, they were solving all kinds of problems. Definitely hooked me up. Thanks again guys.

02-26-2015 12:27 AM
jesusgatos Got down there on Saturday afternoon and Rob was a little better prepared than previous years, so we took the Land Cruiser out and whoa! It was surprisingly fast, and handled great. Bilstein did a great job with the valving based on the specs PacFab gave them. Surprisingly fast (compared to our 4cyl long-travel Tacoma) and it's so plush we've started calling it the Land Cruisey.

Watched the start of the race on Saturday morning and it was total mayhem, as usual. That was the last time I saw Rob all day.

Chased the race for a while but ended up running some trails and folded the stock drag-link. Don't think it it actually took a hit, was just cruising through a semi-rough trail at a pretty good pace and could feel the forces the steering linkage was taking through the steering wheel. Knew it was taking a beating but... meh. Was able to kinda-sorta straighten it out enough to drive back to camp.

Our parents were following the race online from home and sent word late in the afternoon that Rob had DNF'ed. Bummer. So we hung around camp until dark, waiting for him to get back. When he finally showed-up, just after dark, he told us that he'd just finished! Jimmy Lewis was sweeping the course and chesed him to the finish line, but he crossed just in time, along with another rider that he'd teamed-up with. So he's finished 2 out of the last 3 years now. Said the course was GNARLY this year though.

02-26-2015 12:02 AM
jesusgatos Was too busy working through everything I had to get done before KOH to update this thread, but was mostly just standard prep. Did purchase some 1" clevis mounts from 4WHEELSUPPLY so I could flat-tow the Land Cruisey down to KOH. The military clevis mounts are 1.25" wide and these are only 1", but adding 1/8" gussets will make them stronger and get me to the right width.

My brother and I have a bunch of these military surplus towbars and we've used them to flat-tow all kinds of different vehicles. Probably well over 50,000 miles. Something went wrong less than a mile away from our house this time. Front wheels/tires flopped over to full-lock and smoked one of the front tires. Brand new Krawler just totally destroyed. Made me sick.

We lengthened the towbar and tied-off the steering wheel to make sure it didn't happen again. Made it down to KOH and back without further incident, but something about that combination isn't working. Was really hard on the front tires. Hope we can figure it out because I'd really like to be able to flat-tow it but it's not worth burning-up tires. Had the same problem with my deuce and a half and adding caster fixed it.

01-26-2015 08:30 PM
jesusgatos Finished the passenger's side mount for the skidplate today. Went to a bit of trouble to make sure there's still enough room (just barely) to fit a link on top of the differential. Still a bit more work to do on this skidplate but it'll have to wait till after KOH.

01-25-2015 08:44 PM
jesusgatos Hadn't worked on the FJ80 in a while. Moved it a few weeks ago to make room in the driveway for Blackmore's chevy, but that's about it.

Then my brother decided to race King of the Motos again, so I figured we might as well haul the truggy down there with us. Spent most of today trying to figure out what I want to try to get done before we leave on Friday. Decided that the first order of business should be bellypan protection, so I started working on this framework for a skidplate. Going to be welded to the trans crossmember and bolted to the frame up front using repurposed swaybar mounting brackets (still have to make a support for the passenger's side).

10-16-2014 02:18 PM
jesusgatos Not lately, no. Haven't had any time to work on it since the last update, but finally got my motorhome back on the road. Been busy with that and a few other projects.

10-15-2014 07:06 PM
Jordan7118 Any progress?
08-22-2014 11:17 PM
jesusgatos Receiver hitch is so low because it had to clear the spare tire, which is going to be mounted vertically behind the back seats. Not concerned about hitting or dragging on anything and it's the perfect height for most trailers, but will need to use something like an upside-down drop hitch to tow our military trailers.

Thanks for that part number. Need to get a full set of those heat deflecters.
08-22-2014 03:18 PM
Booger Weldz I gotta copy the exhaust. My 1fz w glass pack sounds like an jaguar Etype on meth amphetamine!


Part number for the tin that goes over that on the 93-94 models. Are trucks have the bolts on them still.

Yes , I admit to going on ih8mud.Com regularly
08-21-2014 11:39 AM
bgredjeep Looks great, but why not come straight off the back for the hitch rather than having it hang down so low? Maybe it's not as low as it appears.
08-21-2014 08:47 AM
bf that 3" tube might be a good spot to keep a spare axleshaft or a sway bar. youve probably already thought of that though.

love the function over form design.
08-21-2014 05:48 AM
piratexpress1369a if you go over 5000lbs does it change how you get lic' plated?
08-19-2014 11:42 PM
jesusgatos If I can keep it under 5000lbs ready-to-go I'll be stoked.
08-19-2014 11:41 PM
jesusgatos Can't do any more tubework until I replace the upper links with one centered link. So I'm done with that part of it for now. Spare tire is going to be mounted vertically, as shown before, on a horizontal pivot at the panhard bar mount. So it'll swing up and over to the right. Want to be able to get into the trunk when hauling dirtbikes or anything else that would keep me from opening a regular swingout.

08-15-2014 07:22 PM
Roc Doc
Originally Posted by Arya Ebrahimi View Post
I think the factory curb weight on these is a lie. I've yet to see one scale less than 6k lbs. I'd say you're doing awesome at 4200lbs
Originally Posted by Wilson View Post
Pretty sure booger's did
If you're talking about the one I have now, it's 56xxlbs on a CAT scale. 10k winch, Binks bumpers and sliders, no 3rd seats, full of fluids. I've added a second battery and carry a big-ass Engle fridge, so I'm sure I'm over 6k trail ready. Thinking about taking out the second row seats to help offset the swing-out tire carrier I'm going to build.
08-15-2014 07:06 PM
CDA 455 Looking good!
08-15-2014 12:34 PM
jesusgatos Haven't had much time to work on this, but cut the bottom off the panhard mounting bracket, added a plate, and then welded it back on. Wanted to box it because there are going to be a bunch of tubes and things tied into that junction. Was able to fit a couple tubes too, but that's about it. Hoping to have it back on wheels by the end of this week.

08-11-2014 11:18 PM
jesusgatos Fit the panhard mounting bracket to the frame today and spent some time cycling the suspension. It's a pretty tight fit. Had to notch the backside of the receiver hitch and need to relocate the parking brake cable guide that was on the back of the diff. The parking brake lever on the right side also comes real close to the panhard mount. Need to make some adjustments there too. Panhard bar ended up being right around 43.5" long and it's perfectly flat at 50% compression. Solidworks says the scrub should be just a little more than 5/8" over 16" and the roll-center changes by about 9" over the whole range of travel. Only problem is that lowering the roll-center caused the rear tires to rub on articulation. Gotta cut into that part of the rollcage again...

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