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Topic Review (Newest First)
06-28-2016 05:57 AM
collinskl1 Zombie thread back from the dead!

Username changed since my old email got shut off, but I actually worked on this pile last weekend. Not a ton of progress, but I did some wiring on the engine. So tedious, but it's necessary. I think I have all of the necessary circuits separated from the donor harness and routed on the engine roughly how I want it.

Attachment 2309698

I really want to start heat shrinking and looming, but I know better than that. I should fire it and make sure it runs first... But that requires fuel plumbing and all the other electronics to be done as well.
05-06-2013 09:18 AM
rockinkcollins Yeah, based on the pure simplicity I was leaning towards discs. I've never set up drums and wasn't looking forward to that. I've been thinking about running the same rotors and calipers on the front and rear, so that I have interchangeability, but I'm not sure if I'll end up doing that. And yeah, I will put an emergency brake on it for sure... it's a manual trans, but I really don't want it rolling away.
05-04-2013 04:38 PM
EricsGreen98Tj I agree. Discs are the ONLY way to go IMO. I a absolutely hate messing with all the springs n crap inside a drum.....once you finally get the drum off that is. Discs are so much more user/maintenance friendly.

Edit: You going to rig up an e brake if you go discs in the rear?
05-04-2013 08:37 AM
craigellis77 4wheel discs are probably overkill but really nice to have just because they're easy. Do it.
05-03-2013 09:21 AM
rockinkcollins Back from the dead!

I've finally gotten the itch to start working on this heap again, and it's going to be nice this weekend so I'm blowing the dust off. I hope to break into the axles and start replacing bearings, seals, etc and install the spools and gears. Brakes will be next.

The axles are Scout 44's, which came with drums in the back. The old drums and backing plates are FUBAR so I'm doing a wholesale replacement either way and am leaning towards disks on all corners. Is that completely overkill for my application? It will see mostly trails and occasional street driving if I ever title it.

08-07-2012 11:12 AM
Rooney77 What body is that on the RC version? Is it a 2.2 tire size? I've always wanted to build a rc flattie. I just can't ever find a 1.9 scale body.
08-07-2012 10:31 AM
rockinkcollins Man, I haven't touched the thing in months... I'm building a 24 hours of lemons car right now for a race in October, so my time and funds are shuffled towards that for the time being. I still have plenty of "free" work to do on the jeep, but haven't been doing it...
08-04-2012 12:02 AM
BeaverTown Any progress?
05-24-2012 01:12 PM
rockinkcollins That's sweet! I've got a ton of RC parts laying around, someday I'll have to build a mini me!
05-24-2012 10:53 AM
SVARAS ......
05-24-2012 10:27 AM
rockinkcollins Thanks for the kind words! I've been slacking lately and haven't made much progress.

As far as clocking the 205 goes, I would love to do that, and have no problem fabbing up a new figure 8 adaptor to do so, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't fit between the frame rails after that.

I did switch out motors, and have started to do a little wiring. I also mounted the fuel cell, and have been making decisions on how I'm going to plumb the system.

I've been convinced to form a 24 hours of lemons team with some guys at work, so fundage will be stolen from the jeep for that... but I still have plenty of stuff to do that's free or already paid for, so progress shouldn't completely halt.
05-16-2012 08:00 AM
euroford i love the stance, and have to say that is probably one of the nicest looking cages i've seen in a flatty!
05-15-2012 08:10 PM
d.animal awsome build, I will be watching... I am also in saginaw ... you and beavertown got me itchin to start working on my flattie.
if your interested my brother and I figured out how to shorten and clock that factory adapter between the sm465 and 205. I can't remember exactly how much we gained but I think it was 1 3/4 inches and clocked the 205 up 30 degrees. He is running that setup in his '79 CJ5.
04-02-2012 05:45 PM
Look Ma, no hands!

So as of this evening, there are no jackstands holding it up. Ruff Stuff sent out the parts I ordered from them very fast, and I got the rear axle mocked into place in short order.

Don't mind the rough cut on the rear fenders, I'll make it "pretty" later. I'm having to take more off than I want, but there's not much I can do.

Now that I have things generally where they're going to go with most of the weight on the springs (minus the fuel cell, me, some parts, etc.) I can get some correct-ish measurements.

Wheelbase - 93"
Pumpkin Ground Clearance - 11.5" (15 psi)
Belly - 16"
Rear Driveshaft Length - 16"

I ordered axle goodies today, so in a week or so I should be able to tackle the spools and gears. I'm holding off on chromoly shafts for now.
03-29-2012 04:27 PM
Ruff Stuff rocks!

So a year ago (april 16, 2011 to be exact) I ordered some shackles and a Ford 8.8 simple swap kit from Ruff Stuff. The parts came in very fast and super high quality (as usual) but I ended up not using an 8.8 and called to see if I could return them. Expecting to have to eat the cost, I was shocked when they told me to throw them in a box and ship them back for a full refund! No restocking fee, no questions asked! I sent them back and ordered some different parts from them, so when they get here, I'll be able to take the jack stands out from it.

Cliffs: Dan at Ruff Stuff (aka Gravelmaker) is the freaking man!
03-28-2012 03:44 PM
Originally Posted by euroford View Post
wow man, very nice build! and nice to see a tri-cities rig here. I grew up in Midland and most of my family is still back there. my sister and her guy are jeepers as well, so when we can come up with a tow rig we plan to bring our willys back home to visit.
I'm tri-cities too. I know of at least two other flatties in the areaish. We could have a flattie convoy! Well if all our projects are done.

Sent from my C771 using Tapatalk
03-28-2012 01:49 PM
euroford wow man, very nice build! and nice to see a tri-cities rig here. I grew up in Midland and most of my family is still back there. my sister and her guy are jeepers as well, so when we can come up with a tow rig we plan to bring our willys back home to visit.
03-28-2012 01:08 PM
rockinkcollins So yeah, the NP205 is probably overkill, too big, and is heavier than I would like, but I got it on the cheap with the transmission. Also, I shouldn't run into any problems with breaking it.

Last night I priced out gears, install kits, spools front and rear, and chromoly shafts. Holy crap! Over 1500 bones! I probably don't need the upgraded shafts, but I'd hate to find out the hard way, especially after having everything apart anyways.
03-27-2012 06:26 PM
BeaverTown I run a welded diff up front on my trail rig (dana 60). I also have full hydro though. If you were running hydro assist and lockouts I wouldn't worry about a spool up front, but if you plan on regular power steering and drive slugs I would say no to the spool.

As far as the gearing, that sounds about right. I'll be at 83:1 crawl ratio with 4.88's on 37's or 4.56's on 35's (I haven't decided for sure on tire size). Cruising rpm will be about 2850 either way. The 205 seems a bit overkill for your application. Any reason not to run a Dana 300? You'd get a little better crawl ratio and the case and adapter is more compact for rear driveshaft length.

Sent from my C771 using Tapatalk
03-27-2012 06:18 PM
rockinkcollins I'm trying to decide what to do inside my axles.

I plan to use the Jeep for general trail riding, occasional trips to the dunes, but would like to be able to put it on the road once or twice a month when it's nice out.

Keeping in mind my SM465/NP205 combination, I was thinking a 4.88 axle gear would be in the right range. That would give me a 63:1 crawl ratio but be able to run 65 mph at 3k rpm. Does this sound reasonable? Too much gear? Not enough?

As far as lockers go, I'm thinking spool in the rear and automatic up front. Probably a Detroit, maybe a Grizzly. Since I'll need a new carrier anyways, I have pretty much ruled out lunch box lockers. I'm afraid to run a spool up front due to breakage and trail manners. Any thoughts about that?
03-25-2012 08:36 PM
alienjeep great thanks for the info, i was wondering as i am right there with my build and that tranny (435 in my case) and 205 hang so low looks just like yours.
thanks for the pic, and i have the same fridge and its covered in stickers too
03-25-2012 05:18 PM
Originally Posted by alienjeep View Post
What are the plans for the skid plate? Pics of tranny mount pls.
The jury is still out on the details, but the plan is to be tucked up as high as possible, flat as possible, and light as possible. It'll be the same tube as the cage (1.75" OD x .120" wall DOM) and I plan to skin it in plastic or aluminum rather than steel to keep it light.

All I have so far is enough to hold the transmission and transfer case up. I'll probably throw another member in the vicinity of the bell housing, and something behind the transfer case too.
03-25-2012 05:02 PM
alienjeep What are the plans for the skid plate? Pics of tranny mount pls.
03-25-2012 04:50 PM
Originally Posted by BeaverTown View Post
Are you still in Saginaw? I'm just over in Hemlock. If you are still around I'll have to come check this out sometime. I'm building my own flatty but I'm not nearly as far along as you are.

I might have missed it but what are you running for axles?
Yeah, I'm still in Saginaw. And to your comment about not being as far along as me... the 80/20 rule is owning me. I really don't have that much done. It just looks that way, since they're all big things. Getting it running and moving under it's own power is a bunch of little things that will take a lot of time.

I got a little more done today. My seats are mounted. It's cozy for sure. As far as seating position, I hope I got it right, since the seats are hard mounted and not on sliders at all. Of course everything is just tacked for now, so I could change it later if need be. It's hard to tell if it's good without a steering column or pedals, but I hope to be able to locate those based on where I'll be sitting.

I rolled the rear axle into place too. I need to place an order with Ruff Stuff for some u bolts and plates before I can mount it, but it looks like I'm going to have to do some cutting.

I really don't like the comp cut look, so I'll probably be doing something like the sharpie line. SVARAS's rear wheel well lines are pretty similar, and I like the way they look. I just hope that my tires don't travel rearward too much since I have my shackles mounted in the rear.
03-25-2012 12:13 AM
Originally Posted by BeaverTown View Post

I might have missed it but what are you running for axles?
Scout 44s
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