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Topic Review (Newest First)
10-13-2019 07:35 PM
josh baker this is a sweet truck! nice work
10-03-2019 03:52 PM
Originally Posted by Seabass View Post
AWESOME!!! This is totally what pirate used to be about.
Thanks! I've learnt a lot from this website so it's only fair to share what I've done with the knowledge.
I'm still not sure it's pirate worthy though... RTT, 31's and not a D60 or AR15 in sight. Our modification laws over here are very restrictive unfortunately.

Originally Posted by marvin82 View Post
And awaiting this kit to come to Market!
It's available on my website now, but TBH I hadn't put much thought into selling it to the US market. Did you guys get the Landcruiser Prado over there? Ie VZJ95 etc?
Pretty sure FJ cruiser parts will interchange if not but I'll have to double check.
09-15-2019 09:08 PM
marvin82 And awaiting this kit to come to Market!
09-15-2019 07:42 PM
Seabass AWESOME!!! This is totally what pirate used to be about.
09-15-2019 12:13 AM
Andrew_ln65 Thanks guys!

I recently picked up an RX7 throttle body for this thing. I first saw one years ago and always wanted to give it a try. It has 3 x 45mm butterflies. I fiddled with the linkages a bit and now for the first ~25% of the pedal only the primary opens, after that the secondaries open quickly. The idea of this is to give the low end driveability of a 45mm TB with the top end potential of a 78mm unit.

This engine is so responsive that it's very hard to drive smoothly at low speeds... the throttle pedal is almost like an on/off switch at low revs with the stock 60mm TB. I was also never hitting 100kpa in the manifold which says it's too small in the top end.
The new TB is a night and day difference. So much easier to control down low, and it absolutely hauls ass once the secondaries open. There is also some crazy induction noise in the cabin too which is kind of addictive.
Overall im very happy with the outcome! It's much much less of a pig to drive now.
Down low it gets great torque from the small TB and super long intake manifold. Up top the manifold switches to short runners, water injection kicks in, secondaries open and it just screams to redline. Very wide and usable powerband, very Jeckel and Hyde depending how you drive it.

Was quite a lot of effort to make fit, i had to adapt the Toyota TPS onto it (sealed from dust/water), redo all my iac/pcv plumbing and redo the water injection stuff. New IAT sensor. Then make adaptors for both sides of the TB and move the airbox into the inner guard.
I havent done much 3d milling of lofted shapes like this so it was a bit of a learning curve but they came out ok with some hand finishing.

TB to intake manifold

TB to air filter


I discovered the radiator was leaking so i replaced it with a HJ75 unit with is a bit taller and gives about 10% more core area but more importantly it had the inlet/outlets in the right spot for my setup so i didn't have to cut & weld it. I was also able to add a fan shroud this time to further help with cooling (not that it needs it). I got a brake press recently so i took the opportunity to fold a bolt/tool tray into the top of it which has been very handy.

Lastly i got some wireless steering wheel controls for the Android head unit. CNC'd me some holes in the wheel trim and pressed the bits in. First time ever machining wood lol

Couple of action shots from the last time out wheeling. We had no business going down a track like this and unfortunately my mate rolled and totaled his truck not long after these photos were taken

08-10-2019 05:24 PM
carslut really cool build, sad i missed it till now! that disk setup is rad
08-10-2019 05:18 PM
ADD I can't help but to read your posts in a steve irwin voice

Truck is awesome though
08-10-2019 03:30 PM
Rubirunner85 Nice work! I hope you get a patent before trail queer steals your idea.
08-08-2019 04:12 AM
Andrew_ln65 So i was banging my head against the wall with the brake upgrade. I tried a heap of different combinations that all didnt work for some reason or had a major compromise from what i wanted to achieve.
I kept coming back to the Toyota Prado brakes as ticking a lot of boxes, although they were a long way from bolting on. After plenty of prototypes i finally got it all to work!!

I'm using 90/120 series Prado calipers/pads and rotors. Custom backing plate to hold the internal drum handbrake, custom caliper brackets and hubcentric rings.
This gives a huge 312mm VENTED rotor (which i even managed to squeeze under my 15's), a caliper with a big 48mm piston for lots of clamping force, and it also runs the largest of the Toyota handbrake drums at 210mm. The calipers, pads and handbrake stuff is all the same as 80 series etc. Should also be dead easy to get replacement parts down the track. Pretty sure FJ cruiser uses the same calipers/rotors etc too.

The stopping power is great, and i love the pedal feel now i have upgraded the master and booster to suit the big calipers. So glad to be rid of the drums!!
Handbrake also works excellently. I massaged the Toyota setup very slightly to take any slop out, so it pulls up nice and tight.

I can buy every single part brand new so i will end up offering a full bolt on kit, and also a cheaper "DIY" kit with just the conversion parts where you get your own calipers, handbrake stuff etc from a wreckers, even pads and rotors if you're extra cheap!

And now for some pics because everyone like pics. Please excuse the crappy finish on some of the parts. I am trying a new zinc plating place and to be honest I'm not very happy with their work!!
Backing plate and caliper bracket

Starting to add bits

All dressed up!

Axle installed

Back in the diff

Disc brakes!!!!

Caliper is very close to the inside of the wheel, but it clears by just enough!!

This upgrade should fit everything from 1978 to 2005. After that the handbrake cabling changed slightly, so i will work on a new backing plate for the 2005-2015 next.
05-28-2019 04:23 AM
Andrew_ln65 Long time no update. Ive basically just been driving the shit out of this thing. Done 20,000km in the last 9 months or so. Plenty of trips, lots of wheeling, and occasionally just running around town as it's so much fun to drive.

Ive been chipping away at a few jobs trying to get the thing as good as i can:
Upgraded the front brakes with later model calipers and vented/slotted rotors, with QFM A1RM pads which are 100X better than the solid brakes and old pads. No more fade. Will be doing a disc upgrade on the rear next. I fitted a manual proportioning valve but the rears still aren't right.
New springs and shocks in the front. The old leafs were very soft and i was getting some mad axle wrap under power. Now running some Pedders HD 40mm lift springs and Tough Dog adjustable shocks. I run the shocks quite firm on the road and turn them down as soon as i lock the hubs/air down. This has made a huge difference to the on road handling, it is much more predictable now and feels less like it's going to kill me. Saving up my pennies to do the same treatment to the rear.

Got sick of the WRX seats so swapped them out for some nice leather ones out of my smashed Alfa 159, sooo much better on long drives now. The WRX ones were just too small for me. Did a double layer on chinamat insulation on the floor while i was at it which has removed a ton of heat and noise, it's a lot more civilised inside now.
Fitted a tonneau cover to the tub, ripped the old shitty compressor out and fitted a Thumper twin cylinder unit behind the back seat which is much quicker. Also ran some heavier cabling back there to run the fridge, and wired up some LED strip lights under the awning and inside the rooftop tent.
Changed the fuel pump as the original one died, and added a Holley Hydramat which has completely solved my surge issues, even with only 2 or 3lt in the tank.
Upgraded to the newer water pump controller, although i got through plenty stinking hot summer days with no overheating.
i made up a water injection system which will hopefully allow me to run some more timing in the motor, i had a lot of trouble with it pinging over summer so hoping this will help. It is all installed and tested, i just need to wire it all up now. Using an ecu output to turn it on over 4000rpm, and taking feedback from a water pressure sensor. Only once the ecu sees enough water pressure it will switch to a more aggressive spark map. If there is any issues with the system it will revert back to the base timing map as a failsafe. Running 160psi water pressure and an atomising jet for a very very fine mist @ 150cc/min.

Only real issue i had was while we were camping at the Buckland Valley over Christmas, did a bit of carnage trying to get up one of the tracks. The drivers side trunion/kingping bearing exploded which cambered the wheel in, and caused the drag link to foul on the spring U-bolt. This meant i couldn't turn left of center at all. Right turns were fine! A very slow and frustrating drive back to the campsite!!
Spent the next 2 days getting lifts into town for parts, and rebuilding half the damn front end at camp....

The truck has also been on towing duty recently as i bought my first boat a few days after getting home from that trip. I did a bit of work to it and have had it out a few times already, it's great fun!

I've been getting a bit of noise from the transfer case in 4wd recently, i think the chain has stretched.

Next big jobs will be the rear disc brakes and crossover steering, both of which I'm hoping will help it feel safer on the road. Sick of spongy brakes and crazy bump steer.
Will also be regearing and adding traction aids once funds allow. Thinking of truetrac in the rear and e-locker in the front. Would love to be twin locked but it needs an LSD for on road use otherwise it fries the inside tyre every corner. Thinking of 5.29 gears, it feels very tall in the gearing at the moment with 4.56's. It does 130km/h (80mph) in 2nd gear, which is a bit excessive. Dreaming of dual cases but i think that's a while off....
Oh, and i'd like A/C before summer rolls back around too.
09-10-2018 11:51 AM
Christopher.h Love the build and pretty jealous of the truck
09-09-2018 06:26 AM
Andrew_ln65 Took it off, finished welding/painting then lifted everything on with the help of a couple mates on Friday night. Celebrated by heading out bush for the weekend!!

A while ago i skinned the tailgate in stainless sheet and secured the camping stove to it as well so we just fold down the tailgate and have the kitchen ready to go with no setup time

Home safe, nearly got to test out the roo bar but luckily just missed the bugger!!!

Still need to fit the rear awning for the kitchen, or sell both and buy a foxwing but finally getting towards the business end of having this thing setup for adventure times....
09-09-2018 06:25 AM
Andrew_ln65 Sliders:

Scrub bars, snorkel and start of a roof rack. Board sits about 15mm below where the RTT mounts and not much more off the roof skin to keep the overall height down

Now make stronger

09-09-2018 06:25 AM
Andrew_ln65 Barwork:
Ok well i needed a Roo bar, rock sliders, snorkel, roof rack and really wanted some rollover protection as well so decided to tie it all together into something a bit stronger. Steered clear of the traditional exo cage shape in an attempt to draw less attention from the fuzz, but hoping this will still keep my gf and I somewhat safe in case of a rollover. The roof rack had to mount the roof top tent and still leave space to carry a 9' surfboard which is a bit of a bitch with limited roof space.

So i bought a shit load of tube and nek minut things got out of hand. This is my first attempt at any type of bar work so be gentle!!

Bought a crappy tube ebay spec tube bender/kinker that immediately went in the bin, then borrowed this beauty off a mate which does such a nice job by comparison

I already have an overqualified tube notcher:

Does a nice job also

Winch cradle

Start of a roo bar:

Now with radiator/headlight hoops that i dont really like but oh well they'll do

Ready for paint!

And finally fitted

07-23-2018 04:22 AM
Andrew_ln65 Update:

Im daily driving this at the moment, which is kinda fun. It's driving surprisingly well and im slowly getting used to the awful handling.

Unfortunately, my oil system woes continue. A couple of weeks ago i had a very random and rare failure. Ive heard of this happening to a handful of 7m's in all my years of playing with them but never seen one myself. The sintered pulley that runs the oil pump shaft randomly shattered while cruising along at 2000rpm, taking out the cam belt and requiring a tow truck home. Got very very lucky in that im 99% sure it is an interference motor yet no bent valves!

Threw on a spare pulley but not before machining up a supporting ring front and back to try and make sure it doesnt happen again. The supports clamp to either side of the gear with the bolts going in between the 5 "arms" of the pulley. Even if the arms of the pulley were to fail altogether the support rings would now keep everything connected and turning. Very happy to not be pulling the head off for a valve job!
While putting it all back together i noticed a very minor weep from one of the tubes of the oil cooler, not even enough to drip but something to keep in the back of my mind...

The next day we went on a little trip away to the Baw Baw National Park (via Walhalla), and when we stopped overnight i noticed the oil cooler leak had progressed to a handful of drips forming on the ground. I had 2lt of oil on me which topped us back up to full. Heading home, and halfway up a gnarly track suddenly i lost all power. A quick glance down at the gauges showed no oil pressure!! Shut it down asap, and was very thankful for the oil pressure safety i wired in after the first mishap. It worked perfectly by cutting in a 1500rpm rev limit, 100% saving the engine as i was too busy watching the track to be looking at the gauges.
So now we were a bit stuck halfway up this track, and had to get down with basically no oil in the sump. I gingerly backed down with the engine off to where we had room to do a 3 point turn, dug a heap of hard rocky soil out so we could push it and now at least we were facing down the hill. With sweaty palms and gritted teeth we rolled down the steep, rocky, rutted, narrow track with a sheer drop to one side with no engine braking or even power assisted brakes. Made it to the bottom in one piece somehow, and once the car was level again tried to start it and got 3-4psi of oil pressure.
We'd passed a couple of lads heading to the campsite we stayed at, so decided they were our best chance at help. Limped the truck back there, explained the situation and one of them kindly took me for a 45 minute drive each way to get phone reception, then called one of HIS mates and asked him to pick up some oil to get us home. Bloody champion bunch of blokes!!!
While we waited for the oil i ripped out the cooler and remote filter mount and moved everything so i could rejig all the lines to work without the cooler. Somehow had enough tools on me to get it all done, and i finished right as old mate arrived with 5 litres of dead dinosaurs in a bottle. Boy was i happy to see him!
Filled up the sump, fired up the engine and straight away had full oil pressure, no nasty noises and no leaks! Woo HOO!!!

Radio'ing for help would have been a bit easier, so ive since got a nice 5w UHF and a couple of small handheld 1w'ers for going walkabout.

So i popped my bush repairs cherry but managed to right the situation with no real harm done. I was happy that i had enough tools and ingenuity to effect the repair, shoulda carried more oil to be self sufficient though!
We drove home fairly slowly from there, choosing the less steep and gnarly tracks to get out, but the truck was running great with no issues at all (and has been ever since). A bit of excitement for me and the mrs but overall no harm done and made for a good adventure.
Apart from that, the trip was great and we had a ball testing out the truck on all the tracks. Also got to pop my water crossing cherry (we did about 10 in total) which was kinda cool. It was pretty cold up that way, below freezing at night and well into the morning.

Can't sit still, i spent last weekend doing the kitchen setup in the back, and buying more and more goodies for it. Still working on how to properly mount the roof top tent, but i bought a winch on the weekend as well, so that leads into a bigger project of doing the barwork... watch this space!

A few pics from the trip:

While definitely a beautiful area, this is what i'd call pretty standard aussie bush, in the southern part of the country at least....

A quick vid from the climb up Fultons Creek Track just out of Walhalla. This was a fun track but had no issues at all going up. Had to give it the berries in one spot but overall no dramas.
07-23-2018 04:21 AM
Andrew_ln65 Interior pics as requested!

Turns out you can fit a lot of shit behind the rear seat! And also that 30 cal ammo boxes make great car toolboxes. Unfortunately the 50 cal boxes dont fit behind the seat

Not pictured back there is also 2 spare oil filters and the first aids kit.
07-05-2018 08:40 PM
Bad Karma I'd appreciate it! I'm fascinated by the variants that weren't available here, but I really like those dual cabs. Just want to see the inside of one again.
07-05-2018 08:31 PM
Originally Posted by Bad Karma View Post
Very impressive work! I've wanted one of these double-cab second gen trucks ever since I rode in one in some Arab country while in the military back in the 90's... Sadly, I most likely won't ever get one.

Any chance you could post a few pics of the interior, especially the back seats/rear door panels? Beautiful truck!
Thanks mate!!

I always forget that you guys never got the dual cabs over there. We probably have as many dual cabs on the road here as we do singles. Extra cabs are around but a bit of a rarity.
I'll try and get some interior pics when the weather clears up a bit, but don't expect too much.... things are pretty basic in there!
07-05-2018 04:12 PM
gnob See, the Aussie gets it. Toyotas get a little sketchy at 85ish.
07-05-2018 09:10 AM
Bad Karma Very impressive work! I've wanted one of these double-cab second gen trucks ever since I rode in one in some Arab country while in the military back in the 90's... Sadly, I most likely won't ever get one.

Any chance you could post a few pics of the interior, especially the back seats/rear door panels? Beautiful truck!
07-05-2018 07:15 AM
Andrew_ln65 Well a couple of weeks ago a nice old lady decided i needed some more motivation to finish this so she blew through a red light without even slowing down and totalled my daily
I've been working away ever since getting the few last bits and pieces on the truck finished off so i have something to drive while insurance gets sorted out.

Ive been through all the various BS government inspections and muggings required to register a modified vehicle in this nanny state but finally i have a road legal truck.
Final registration got done in Wangaratta (north east Victoria) as i had commitments up there for the week so within an hour of getting rego we were off into the state forest and plantation areas just out of Beechworth (30 mins east) to do some exploring and much anticipated wheeling. Spent a few hours on both Tuesday and Wednesday mucking around so got to cover a lot of the tracks in the area. Had an absolute blast and the truck performed admirably. Nothing compared to the hardcore crawling you guys do, but good fun for a newbie who's restricted to 31's and 2" of lift.
There were a couple of real steep climbs where the 7m absolutely shines by having both low down torque and a high rev limit. No need to change gears mid climb, trundle along just off idle in low 2nd and if things get iffy then peg it and she just shoots upwards with much gusto!!

New tyres work great in the mud and clay we encountered, they bite really well when you give it a bit of stick and are quiet on the highway even well over 60 mph. Accidentally pegged the speedo overtaking in 3rd at one point which was downright terrifying on leafs and 80's toyota brakes.

The mrs and i had an absolute ball and cant wait to get amongst it some more. Next step is to drive it, enjoy it, learn about driving offroad and start to work on the touring setup with the rooftop tent etc. But right now im just stoked to be able to drive it!!!!!
05-21-2018 07:18 PM
Andrew_ln65 Took the Hilux for an extended road test over the weekend including some off road work at the mrs family's farm a few hours northeast of melbourne. Did about 600km all up with no issues which im bloody stoked about!!!
Went really well off road too, i had a ball. It just eats up big hills no questions asked. Im still getting the hang of the low range gearing but it just pulls no matter what gear its in.

F*cking terrifying on the road in the rain though.

Not sure how to embed the video so here's a link:
05-14-2018 07:50 AM
Andrew_ln65 Well after a long wait at the machine shop i got the crank back just over a week ago. In the meantime i had chased up some nice NDC bearings for it and knocked a few other jobs over.
Main one was getting an LSD fitted in the rear and rebuilding the whole diff while i was at it. New bearings and seals throughout, new brake shoes and a tricked up limo centre to be nice and tight. I had to buy a press to do the damn wheel bearings, they arent an easy change. This also meant disassembling and reassembling the drum brakes, which i hate with a passion!

Fitted a fire extinguisher, charcoal canister, gearbox/diff breathers, added an extra exhaust hanger, wired up the reverse and 4x4 indicator lights and a heap of other little jobs.
Been playing with the idle speed stepper motor and have got it to move at least now, but not properly. Still working on that one.

Got offered a battery for it that was too good to pass up, 1400cca and 490ah deep cycle AGM. Built an alloy box for it to sit in the corner of the tray and ran some heavy ass cable upto the engine bay where it goes into an isolator switch and a jump/charge terminal. This will be the sole battery so i have a nice little volts/amps gauge coming that will allow me to run the fridge/lights/etc and have them turn off automatically when the voltage drops too low, still i expect this should run the fridge for a good few hours before that happens!

With the space left over from the battery i hard mounted my little compressor and added and air line/tyre inflator under the bonnet, save having it all rattle around behind the seats.

Onto the more important news!

I got the engine back together during the week and fired it up again on Saturday. It ran well with no huge leaks or nasty noises
By sunday i had the rest of the car together enough to take it for its first decent drive, all the way out of my suburb even!! It's the first time ive driven it more than a couple of blocks since the day i bought it. Tune still needs some work but on the whole it runs really well. So torquey and responsive, it just pulls instantly when you touch the throttle no matter what speed you're doing.... and when you punch it, lets just say an old 'lux shouldnt be able to move like that!!! It's scary as hell but hilarious at the same time.

Got a few more small issues to sort out this week, hope to have it a bit more sorted by the weekend.
04-23-2018 07:31 PM
Andrew_ln65 I threw all of the hoses and fittings back at the hose shop yesterday and they refunded all my money with minimal fuss. About the best i could hope for.

No link or schematic for the t-case doodad sorry, its all in my head!
Basically it's a pair of DPDT relays, each of which control the motor with one set of polarity. Each relay coil negative is wired through the motor limit switch for its given direction of travel (there are 2 switches in the actuator)
The third relay is a simple 5 pin changeover relay which sends +12v to either DPDT relay depending whether the selector switch is open or closed circuit.

So basically the motor drives itself until it hits a limit switch, from there on it's unpowered until the selector switch changes state, at which point it powers up the other DPDT relay who flips the polarity and drives the motor backwards til it hits the other limit switch.

Clear as mud?
04-23-2018 06:21 PM
Seabass I would of made damn sure my hoses where free or deeply discounted after that mishap. Cool build. Got links or schematics to the t-case fooler box widget you built?
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