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2011 Infiniti QX56

This is currently my wife's daily driver and is not what I would normally consider "a wheeler". Having said that it will get a few upgrades over the years and will eventually become one Picked it up in 2016 and haven't done a whole lot with it yet. We put some 285/55r22 (34x11.5r22) Nitto Terra Grappler G2's on it. IIRC I did the tiniest amount of trimming to the inner fender plastics and just had to tie some of them back with some good old zip ties. I also took off the running boards and air dams. After doing so, it at least looked like it wouldn't trip over itself.

If these have never been on your radar here are a few specs that may interest you.

400hp & 413ftlbs
8500lbs towing capacity
Body on frame
9.2" ground clearance

The 2011+ QX56/QX80 and now the 2017+Nissan Armada are based on the 2010+ Y62 Nissan Patrol. Aside from the above what really interested me in the QX was the HBMC. It took me a while to find one reasonably priced with the Hydraulic Body Motion Control option. This is Nissan's spiel on the HBMC.
The adoption of this system allows the reduction in a roll angle (i.e. vehicle body tilt angle at cornering) to improve steering stability and ride quality during travel on level roads. Furthermore, the use of this system improves the running performance on rough roads by shock absorption and quality tire adhesion through maximized stroke.
I'm telling you the underlined above is true. Seems to have a very respectable amount of droop and from what I saw it helps offroad.

The main reason I wanted to post this thread is I've seen these QX56/80's mentioned a few times here and there as possible candidates. And I really think they are.
Plans for down the road:
Extra battery
Rock sliders
Larger fuel tank and possibly do something tricky with the spare
Weld up some bumpers that would allow for better approach and departure angles
Maybe bigger tires
Lockers would be nice

It'll probably be more of an overland rig in most ways, but I think it'll still belong here in this section. I tried to post pics but evidently I can't until I have more posts or become a paid subscriber. Not going to go that route at this time, but maybe in the future.

All the B.S. below is what prompted me to want to make this thread. I almost posted it in the snow wheeling thread but figured I'd be lambasted for the lack of pics. It'll probably happen here in this section anyway!
Last weekend my wife needed to get some study time in so I took our 3 year old with me down to the 7 Mile ORV Park here in Spokane. I figured we'd just tool around and see how 'Helga' did in the flats. Maybe we'd find someone that was also there to mess around and then head out onto the trails some..........Cue the crazy Russian dude

I was just about to say screw it and head home when this guy drives up and asks if I want to head out with him. After conversing about our pull points We decide to go see what we could get into. I don't want to act like it was the worlds greatest wheeling session, but we did tear it up a bit. A tiny bit mind you. It wasn't a very long run, but it was a hair more than I had envisioned for the first time out in a daily driver! I mean I wasn't scared, but I sure as fuck didn't want to have to do any explaining

I first made sure it would crawl up a little rise in 4 low with the tiniest bit of throttle input. It was say a 25% grade about 50' long. Nothing too difficult but I was glad to see it went up it without any trouble. Then this guy says hey do you think you could squeeze through those trees? I glance again at the body damage I seen on his rig as we were first talking. The hill didn't look too bad so I gave it a shot. I followed him up over the little hill and made it through the trees no problem. We head down a steep ass hill and into a little gully that didn't look like it was going to be a cakewalk to get out of. To get out Mr. crazy Russian takes a line that looked sketchy as fuck and I honestly thought he maybe just took a huge bite out of a shit sandwich. Well I'll be damned if he didn't make it. I really wish I had video of this. If you hadn't seen this guy airing down, nor his body damage, we probably looked like a couple of guys that just bought our first SUV's and wanted to take them 'offroad'. Matter of fact on the way out of the parking area a guy was eyeing us and I fucking know he was thinking he'd find us out there buried up to our asses in snow you buddy.

Now I want to describe the hill mr crazy Russian went up. After we came down the steep ass hill into the gully he makes a big 'S' turn off to his left to get lined up for a climb. It was bumpy as fuck at the bottom. The kind of shit you don't really fuck with in stock rigs because it bounces you around so damn much. Anyhow it was the sort of hill that if you fuck up and don't make it the first time, there is no telling which way you're coming back down.......No guarantee you won't head off into the tree's or start to slide sideways and roll.

So he makes it up this hill and I say fuck it, here we go. We start bouncing our way over there while trying to maintain some momentum. We get to the bottom and hit this thing. The engine is putting out more than a female construction worker in Alaska and I am sawing the wheel back and forth like I fucking mad man.
So I am sawing the fucking wheel got my foot buried in the throttle and we are giving this fucking hill everything 'Helga' has and I'm crossed up in ruts that you can not see because of the snow. Did I mention we were probably in a foot and a half or better of snow in some places?

My daughter was strapped into her car seat loudly saying "UH-OH, UH-OH, UH-OH!" It was damn glorious! We get to the top of that hill and mosey on back to the parking lot and My newfound Russian friend asks if I want to go explore a little more. I told him we had to jet, but thanks for the run. I think I probably seemed calm cool and collected on the outside, but inside I was still dealing with the adrenaline dump from climbing that fucking hill. It was one of the more memorable experiences I've had offroading. Holy shit.......

Oh and for anyone who made it this far I'm going to ruin it for at least half of you. I'm going to tell you what the Russian dude was driving........

Are you fucking ready?

You ain't fucking ready.

Nope you still ain't ready.

You might get pissed at me.......

Here goes.......

A fucking Mercedes ML320........Who fucking knew those things could wheel? I sure as hell didn't. Made me look at them in a whole new light. Granted he was at 10psi on some decent looking deep tread studded snows and I was at 20psi on AT's so that made me feel a hair better. If you looked at our tracks he was often floating on top to some extent while I was digging through the shit.

Thanks for reading and after I get enough posts I'll come back and put up a pic of our soccer mom rig. I'll eventually be posting some pics of the progress, most likely it'll be a while though. Hopefully we will have moved to a new place with a nice big shop in a couple years time and I can really get into this thing.

One last little tidbit. I was kinda pissed when I found out the diffs were open in this thing. However even though the diffs are open the electronic braking that the system uses to simulate an LSD obviously works because I didn't have any issues. If I was one wheel peeling everywhere I would have noticed. Even with the VDC turned off the traction control seemed to keep all the wheels driving. Well I am assuming it did because I wasn't outside to visually take note. But like I say, I think we would have been stuck a few different times if it didn't work.

Hillbilly out
'05 Ram 6BT QCLB
'11 QX56
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Oh Jesus Tits....
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We had a diesel BMW X5 with a mild lift and decent tires on a week long run with us a few years back. That thing plowed through axle deep mud and everything else we threw at it. It kinda made the rest of us in lifted locked rigs on 35s etc. feel a little stupid, but hey, run what you bring.
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Originally Posted by D-RAT View Post
We had a diesel BMW X5 with a mild lift and decent tires on a week long run with us a few years back. That thing plowed through axle deep mud and everything else we threw at it. It kinda made the rest of us in lifted locked rigs on 35s etc. feel a little stupid, but hey, run what you bring.
That sounds awesome. I know you are probably stretching the truth a little bit with the comment about feeling stupid, but I think I get what you're saying. Kinda like what I was getting at, it doesn't have to be a traditional 4x4 wheeler platform to be capable. We just kinda get stuck into that mindset over here. Which, it does make sense to stick with vehicles that you can more easily source parts for. And are in many ways more friendly to modification.

I wish more people would be a little more adventurous with these 'soccer mom' rigs. I hadn't looked up any X5's, the one below is pretty neat.

www dot stanceworks.com/forums/showthread.php?23721-Fluid-MotorUnion-s-Long-Overdue-Build-Thread-Project-X-Start-to-Finish/page3

Back to this Infiniti. I keep wanting to cultivate a contact over in Australia so that I could have a source for wrecked Y62 parts. Something that was totaled in such a way that I could get my hands on:
A rear end with the factory locker
The extra fuel tank
And any other goodies they might have
'05 Ram 6BT QCLB
'11 QX56
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Hi HighbrowHillbilly,

I am building a 2011 QX56 as well, its a pretty nice vehicle and I am embracing the IRS/IFS instead of being scared of it. The Austrailians with the y62 Patrols are proving every single day that these Patrols are not only better and more capable than the previous generation Patrols, but better than the Land Cruisers as well.

Here is mine so far:

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That looks great man!
'05 Ram 6BT QCLB
'11 QX56
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