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Range Day List

I don't get out to shoot too often so when I do I try to get a bunch in. We have a small family farm about 45 minutes away that I can do all types of shooting so I typically try to do a little of everything but that then requires .....a little bit if everything.

I usually feel like I overpack gun wise and it tends to take away from the experience loading the truck to unload the truck....to loading it back up and then unloading again once home. I usually try to take guns that share ammo so I can at least save time and space with that. I want to narrow down my focus when I go but (whiny bitch voice) I also want to take plenty stuff to make sure I have a lot of options.

How many guns and rounds do you guys go through in a typical range day of say 4-5 hours of shooting.
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Depends on my reason for the trip.

for practice, i take whatever gun ill be using in the match im practicing for and enough ammo to get in a good practice

for the kids, whatever they want to shoot and enough ammo to fulfill their curiosity, but not enough to break the bank
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When I owned single digit numbers of guns, I used to bring all of them. Now, I generally ask people if they want to shoot handguns, ARís, shotguns, or rifles (longer distances) when we go to the range, and bring 2 guns plus my CCW, which I usually try to fire a couple mags through, even if Iím just out there to shoot skeet.
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I've learned not to bring more than 2-3 guns to the range. Past that and it gets to be too much. If I want to bring 6-7 different things its a sign I'm not going to the range enough.

Its a little harder when going with friends/family, you want to bring a ton of different stuff. However I'v also found that non-shooters typically get overwhelmed with over 1-2 hours and too many different guns/mechanisms. Also with a group I find I don't want to move ranges much. I try and pack all stuff I can shoot in the pistol bay or only the rifle range or only the shotgun range.

I've also found that having a seperate range bag for target stuff makes packing easier. Picked up one of the clearance bags on midway and keep it stocked with stapler, spray paint, pasters, tape, shootnc stickers. I also keep a set of basic tools in there - allens, torx, screwdriver, squib rod, small bottle of remoil
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I do more trips with less gear. The reason is to focus on every aspect of a gun or two and spend quality time with them. I work to get the trigger feel, stance, eye relief, sight picture, cheek weld burned in and instinctive. Work with the sling for different positions. Work on mag changes, hand feeding and clearing a jam. Work on rapid fire. Check different flavors of ammo and see how they run. Some guns are a lot of work, some it’s just fun.
I try to shoot the small caliber carbine or rifle first, because after shooting a big bore or magnum I’m not as sensitive to the workings of the lighter gun. I have noticed that I shoot both more accurately if I do the opposite of what I just said. That tells me I have more work to do.
Trips for chrony tests are the least fun but rewarding.
I almost always stop by the silhouette range on my way out and fire at least my carry pistol for half an hour.
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2 long guns is typical, with 3 being max. I don't generally shoot handguns other than maybe once or twice a year. For a 4-hour range trip, I usually go through 100-200 rounds if I'm testing hand loads or sighting in or trying to shoot groups.

I, too, get tired of the amount of shit I have to drag out to the range. On any typical range day I have:

Range Bag
Spotting Scope
Shooting Bags

Fuck it adds up quick and 3-4 trips back and forth to the bench gets annoying. I often miss the days of bringing out only one rifle and a few hundred rounds. I may get back into that next year.
Sometimes I parkerize stuff. PM for info..
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I'll bring everything that shoots .22lr every time. my wife and kid each have a 22 rifle and I've got a few 22 handguns, so they all go along with a couple bricks of ammo.

I always bring my ccw and my wifes ccw to at very least run a box or two through each, maybe another rifle or maybe another handgun or two.

popup tent, snacks, leadoff hand wipes, couple cans of spray paint, rack of steel targets and a few paper targets.

everybody else enjoys shooting the steel and my kid enjoys re-painting it

we mostly go out just to enjoy the day, so if we shoot a bunch or just spend time being outside doesn't really bother me.

edit: I don't bring shit for tools unless i'm going specifically to dial something in.
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If its just me and the wife its at least 5 rifles. My PRS bolt gun, both of our long range ARs, and our PRS .22s and at least 100 rds each. If Im building dope cards or working up handloads it can be more rounds but Ill just take the rifle Im building for.
My wife doesnt like to shoot pistol, I dont shoot pistol matches anymore and I get plenty of range time at work so those rarely get dragged out.

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I generally take 4-5 pistols, and 5-6 rifles/shotguns for quick trips (2-4 hours).

For all day trips, 6-8 pistols, 8-10 rifles.

My brothers, dad, and uncles with show up with the same, or more. Itís not unusual to have 50-60 guns to shoot.

I donít use organized ranges, prefer to head out into the desert and be able to do as I please. Rapid fire, slow fire, 5 yds out to 1,500, no caliber or gun type restrictions, go check targets whenever I want, donít have worry about getting shot in the back during a cease fire, and get to shoot jacks and coyotes as the run across the firing line.
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If I'm doing zero or chrono work;

Rifle, Ammo and Mags
Targets (usually pre-marked with painters tape see below).
Data book
Rear support bag and bipod, and sometimes front rest.
Earpro, eyepro, basic tools.

If I'm shooting mid-long range;

Rifle, Ammo and Mags
Data book
Tripod & Spotting Scope/Rangefinder
Rear support bag and bipod
Shooting mat.
Earpro, eyepro, basic tools

If I'm shooting pistol at Cowtown;

Pistol, ammo and mags
Target frames and targets
Poppers or steel hostage type targets
Earpro, eyepro, basic tools

If I'm shooting pistol at a public range;

Pistol, ammo and mags
Paper targets
Earpro, eyepro, basic tools

I have a tacticool digital cammo backpack that keeps all the above stuff in it. I just swap out the magazines and ammo for the day, and if I'm using the spotting scope it lives in a Pelican case and the tripod has it's own bag.
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Even when I'm with someone else its rare to have more than 2 different rifles. The changes are more between ML and long range stuff as to what items I have with me.

In all cases targets, stapler, spotting scope and range/load book.
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I'm spoiled, I have a pistol range and a 100 yard rifle range in my back yard. I don't have to plan out a trip, just throw some targets, staple gun, whatever flavor firearm I choose for the day and some ammo in the Ranger or on the Quad and drive down into the canyon. If I forget something it takes all of 5 minutes to get it and be back to shooting.

With the center fire semi's I typically will take at least 180 rounds. The .22's I take at least 500. Bolt action usually only take 40-60 depending if I am sighting something in or just practicing. Last time I had guests come shoot, we went through 1000+ .22lr between the 10/22's and pistols and 500 .223 with the AR's. This was in less than 2 hours. By that time only one of the 3 teenagers was still interested and both of the parents had given up. I myself rarely spend more than an hour at any given time.

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