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WorldRallyTeam 06-30-2012 04:02 PM


Posting this so you have enough time to find sponsors for WRC MEXICO 2013.

If anyone is interested in doing a Fly and Drive deal, to go live the dream and go race in the WRC MEXICO in Class A6 category, please contact us via PM.

We have 2 FIA Homologated Peugeots 206 XS ready to race with new suspensions and tires, with all the FIA approved gear to pass FIA TECH with flying colors for the WRC Class Class A6. Our package also includes your entry fee as a private team. Recce cars are also included in the deal. And most importantly a handbook with all kinds of secret tips on how to survive, and what you need to do to put on a great show. All you need to do is show up and race, "Rockstar style".

Last date to reserve is Dec 1, 2012. This will give us enough time to have everything ready.

From the team that finished WRC MEXICO 2008 & 2010, with no rally experience.

WRC Mexico 2010

WRC: What is Rally? - YouTube

WorldRallyTeam 06-30-2012 04:10 PM

FIA homologated rental rally car for WRC MEXICO 2013
Pug with gravel and 14" gravel tire set up WRC Mexico 2008

Here are some specs on the rally cars we are renting. Keep in mind these are the only Peugeots that will actually pass tech and capable of finishing the race. There are only 2 other Peugeots that we know of that can race, so your chances of placing 1st are very good.

2004 PEUGEOT 206 XS RALLYE homologated under FIA A5627-F homologation valid to race in Class A6 until Dec 2013.

Don't Miss out on this great opportunity! WRC is televised in 188 countries in 21 languages, including the Discovery Channel HD, with a total audience of 816 million. WRC MEXICO has an attendance of more than 300,000 spectators.

Pug with tarmac suspension and 16" tarmac tire set up - This Pug has never raced WRC Mexico, only 1 day regional rallies.


blackrider 06-30-2012 07:47 PM

That's awesome you guys are still at it....
Hey I'm still waiting for my t-shirt and stickers.........just kidding.

SeanP 07-01-2012 12:16 AM

OK, just for shits and giggles, throw me a PM with an estimated cost. Assuming you would be able to service car? What makes me reluctant to rent a car is what happens if we have an "off". (see my thread with my video of our crash last month in our G2 Neon).

WorldRallyTeam 07-01-2012 02:41 AM

Hey Blackrider, did you go to KOH? We missed you, we had some free shirts and lots of Magical SCORPION MEZCAL, the drink of the Gods,! Dont worry we still have you on our list, next races in the USA on our things to do are the Rallye de Paris, Texas EDR, KOH and the Mint. Thanx for your support, see you soon.

King of the Hammers fans from Detriot Rock City love Scorpion Mezcal - YouTube

SeanP, sorry to hear about that wipe out at the Idaho Rally, but sounds like you recovered quickly and back racing:) As far as your question is concerned, dont worry all that is covered and more in our rental agreement. Honestly, you not going to find a better deal anywhere else. When our sponsor rented our rally car for WRC 2008, all we got was the car with no instructions on anything not even tires. We had to learn how to pass tech, race rally, and figure it all out by ourselves, it was really difficult. We took great notes and know all the secrets of how to finish WRC Mexico, and now offering them to the lucky team who rents our cars. PM sent.

We have prepped these cars to race hard and finish. Renting is a smart investment with worldwide results.


WorldRallyTeam 07-03-2012 06:22 AM

How to race WRC MEXICO * Help getting sponsors for WRC Mexico
Our rental details even include WRC demographic info to help you show and convince your sponsors.

Send us a PM to give you more details about this once in a lifetime chance of racing WRC.

WRC Highlights - Rally Mexico 2008 - YouTube

WRC 2012 Mexico Day 1 (HD) 720p - YouTube

MT4Runner 07-20-2012 10:27 AM

Ponce, when/where is the Mexico race?

WorldRallyTeam 08-03-2012 07:46 AM

Live the WRC Mexico Dream
The race is held in the cities of Leon, Guanajuato, and Silao in the state of Guanajuato. Race is in March, usually the first week, more info at www.rallymexico.com or www.wrc.com Click here for more info on Guanajuato. The international airport to fly into is BJX.

You need to go and race it and get your name in the WRC archives, this is the final year that these 2 Peugeots can race in WRC, after that they will need some updated homologations.

EWRC for the first Mexican American/Rock Motorsports Driver to finish 2 WRC Mexico without any prior rally experience

WRC World Rally Rankings (last updated on May 2010, currently now ranking at #272)

WorldRallyTeam 08-08-2012 03:58 PM

How to race and finish a WRC event without any prior rally experience
How to race WRC event and finish without any rally experience * The Minority Racer - YouTube

WorldRallyTeam 10-26-2012 11:35 PM

FIA Homologated Peugeot sold cheap
One of the FIA homologated Peugeot 206's has been sold. Only one rental deal left! Good luck to all you underdog racers and remember "No Proof, No Glory"

wrc Rally race and crash video 1 - changprice.com - more videos - YouTube

WorldRallyTeam 09-19-2013 09:45 AM

Peugeot race car for sale in the USA
SOLD congrats to the California Buyer.

The Pug finally got picked up and on its way to California. Congrats once again to Marc. Nov 2013


FYI, Mark purchased our 2004 Peugeot 206, the other one we had was the one we used to finish WRC Mexico 2010 which we sold in Sept 2011 to Carlos Filipe, rally pro racer from Portugal.


The 2003 Peugeot 206 is still alive and in Florida USA
Sand Blast Rally 2011 Peugeot 206 stage 1 - YouTube

The Pug 206 we used to finish WRC Mexico 2008 was a rental sponsored by Tecate Beer.

We have one more Peugeot up for sale if anyone is interested. :smokin:

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