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73-bronco 01-23-2020 08:28 PM

Help with 22RE-AW4-D300 setup
I’ve got the 22RE and the dana300. What years of AW4 do I need to get. Some of my ready shows different spline counts. If someone could help me out I’d like to do a little scavenging this weekend.

73-bronco 01-24-2020 05:33 AM

Ok found my answer on Novak’s site.

21 spline shafts are for:
AX4 & AX5
AW4, typ. 1987-1990

23 spline, extended length shafts are for:

No additional input shaft is typically required for:
AX15, 1988-1999
AW4, 1991-1999

Mr Stubs 01-24-2020 06:40 AM

My AW4 came from a Grand Cherokee when I did my swap. Iirc it was a 98. If you search Timber Tiger for my build in gen 4x4 you will see the specifics that I dealt with.

I had to purchase a adapter ring from Advanced Adapters to mate my Atlas behind my AW4. Apparently some but not all AW4 castings require this. I lucked out and ended up with the oddball one.


Byro 01-24-2020 08:42 AM

When I did my 300 swap in my Cherokee behind an AW4 you have to use a 3/4” spacer ring or machine the bearing retainer snout on the 300, mine was also a flip ring as well to get it to driver drop.

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