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Showcase cover image for 1984 Toyota Pickup 4x4 named Toledo

General Information

Bed Liner White
It's pretty built. I don't want an exocage but maybe fuel injection...
Previous owners put trail gear spring lift on it with Trail Gears Rock Assault hydraulic ram; has all rock sliders welded with lights out front and underneath. I found a short so now my fuel guage and turn signal works. The short was on the frame, passenger side, below the custom seat bolt. The bolt was too long and rubbed the wires. Now all I get to fix is the stock temp guage.
This will be mostly used for hunting, a small amount of work, and for fun. It runs great when warm. I mean it is strong for a 22r. Good articulation for leafs with the bed, rubs a little. Thinking of smaller tires, 37's, maybe some 35's for the street. It's suppose to have fj knuckles but not sure if the guy knew or not. It doesn't seem to wide. I hope the Spooled rear doesn't break an axle on the street. From the little I have had it on the dirt, it is awesome! Warn winch works good. Gauges work except for temp guage. It has a switch for running the electric fan full time. I put in a iequus mechanical temp guage. The 22r is suppose to have 10,000 miles on the rebuild. The front makes a noise when articulating over obstacles. It doesn't rub tires anymore, because I tubbed the firewall. Although, I still need bumpstops in the rear. I am doing research on links. It is ready for links. It has all Purple whatever fluids in it. I thank Jesus for this rig. It is sweet and fun to drive.


5spd, Doubler, 5.29's, Spooled in rear, Grizzly locker up front
Corbeau seats
White bed liner
Ready for my choice of audio. Speakers are in the door. They look decent.
Up front, underneath, and in rear...lighting. working on
Trail gears stainless header with flowmaster I think.
Bilstein shocks with hoops and Trail gear springs 4" and 5".
Wheel and Tire
39.5 x 13.5 x 15 Super Swamper Iroks, Allied Rock a Thon bead lock wheels 15 x 10 I think.


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