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    Recently completed this, after installing a new stereo. The stock 60a Denso was not up to the increased demand, and I read about this mod online (‘93-97 xJ6 120a Denso alt.) I’m creating this, because it is not plug and play with a 94 like it is in other years. The wiring harness is different...
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    Selling a 22RET-to-R151 bellhousing in good shape. This lets you bolt up an R151 to a stock 22R or 22RE. $500 obo, located in Norcal and can ship to lower 48.
  3. Blog
    After months of fixing what seems like 1000 little things on this truck I have her back on the road.... Here's whats been done so far. New 4.88 gears front and rear (V6 rear) OME rear springs OME torsion bars Home-made 1.25" balljoint spacers Home-made .625" body lift New interior including...
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    Hey guys Im new on here dont quite know how it works but I have an 84 toyota pickup and did an engine swap. 89 22re with an automatic transmission into my 84 with a 5 speed. I bought the complete motor with wiring harness and swapped it all. My problem now is I cannot get it to start or turn...