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  1. Chevy
    Heya! I have a couple propane questions for the brain trust... I have a small block gen1 350 with an OHG 450 that's getting horrendous mileage and poor power. I set out to lean the mixture and what I could find online says to lean turn the mixture screw in to lean. I was expecting it to start...
  2. Vehicles and Trailers For Sale
    1990 K5. TBI 350, 700R4, 205, 12-bolt w/Detroit locker, D44 w/detroit tru-trac. 1-ton custom driveline. Engine built by L&R in Santa Fe Springs, CA, Edelbrock heads and intake, full roller, mild cam, upgraded GM throttle body, fuel and exhaust . 4” all spring lift, Warn series 12 Industrial...
  3. Chevy
    I have a 1989 k1500 5speed. It runs fine getting on it but never will idle. I have no idea what to do. I have replaced fuel filter, dumped tank, Iac,Tps, egr, map, and ignition relay and even the Ecu/Ecm and the prom chip. Please help I have no vehicle sometimes
  4. Engines/Trannys/T-Cases For Sale
    comes with a free truck. i have a 1994 chevy 4x4 parts truck, no title, no nothing, just the truck without a front axle. has what i believe to be a tbi350/some electronic OD auto tranny and some kind of np241 ish xcase. all the wiring is there and the truck is complete. $500 located in...
1-4 of 4 Results