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  1. External Inline Water Pump on 22re

    Toyota - Truck and 4Runner
    Curious as to if i can install an inline pump and still use my internal water pump at the same time or would i need to gut the internal one and remove the thermostat? My goal here is to not overheat pushing on 5.29s with brand new 35x12.50x15r Tires on steep highway hills going 40mph . 4runner...
  2. NEEDED: 1st gen 4Runner sliding window - Driver's side FRONT in hardtop

    Hey guys, I had a previous thread asking for this and some other stuff. I got all the other stuff, but now I just need a window with the latch assembly. Let me know if you'd be willing to part with yours. This is not my 4Runner, but it's the window that I need: Thanks!
  3. Havin some fun

    Havin some fun

    Cool Pic in the Santa Fe Tank Trap.
  4. AZTTORA Axle Alley

    AZTTORA Axle Alley

    Crawling through Axle Alley at the '06 AzRocks event
  5. Farmington's Waterfall

    Farmington's Waterfall

    During the '07 TTORA event, this was a near roll over. The video is on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bw4I0333oGo
  6. flexing it out in the Santa Fe area

    flexing it out in the Santa Fe area

    Gettin some flex
  7. Gordy's Hill

    Gordy's Hill

    Crawling through the entrace to an extreme trail in Gordy's hill
  8. Wife wheeling the beast

    Wife wheeling the beast

    My wife helped me to stretch out the suspension of the 4Runner and get some shots.