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  1. 1948 Willys for sale

    Complete Vehicles For Sale
    This is a 1948 all steel tub sitting on a custom fabricated boxed Chromoly frame and roll cage. I can’t recall the stretch amounts. Beautifully powder-coated. NOT auto enamel. Has solid body mounts (Stock thickness). Custom front shock hoops. Custom fabricated aluminum fuel cell under the front...
  2. Can a Cadillac XT5 have a 3 inch lift?

    Newbie General 4x4 Discussion
    I’ve been trying to do some research on whether there’s lift kits to buy therefore I can install it myself or would it have to be a specialized lift kit at a local 4 wheel speciality garage? Thoughts?
  3. My 2013 Ultimate Adventure

    A couple of months ago I was at an Ultra4 race with my buddy Jimmy Jack. He was telling me about how much fun he had on Ultimate Adventure last year, and how I should go sometime. I thought about it for a minute and sent my buddy Dave Schlossberg from Synergy Manufacturing a text and asked him...
  4. bio-hazard rock crawler

    bio-hazard rock crawler

    4 seater custom build buggy by clements custom 4x4
  5. Getting close

    Getting close

  6. Getting close

    Getting close

  7. Getting close

    Getting close

  8. Havin some fun

    Havin some fun

    Cool Pic in the Santa Fe Tank Trap.
  9. AZTTORA Axle Alley

    AZTTORA Axle Alley

    Crawling through Axle Alley at the '06 AzRocks event
  10. Farmington's Waterfall

    Farmington's Waterfall

    During the '07 TTORA event, this was a near roll over. The video is on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bw4I0333oGo
  11. flexing it out in the Santa Fe area

    flexing it out in the Santa Fe area

    Gettin some flex
  12. Gordy's Hill

    Gordy's Hill

    Crawling through the entrace to an extreme trail in Gordy's hill
  13. Wife wheeling the beast

    Wife wheeling the beast

    My wife helped me to stretch out the suspension of the 4Runner and get some shots.