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  1. Chevy
    I have a 94 Chevy 3500 6.5L turbo diesel and when you start it it’s like it’s being choked and it smokes sounds crappy with no throttle response it can last a few seconds up to a couple minutes then it’s like something clicks and it revs up a little and it’s all good got throttle response no...
  2. Chevy
    Welcome to my Chevy build Pirates! (Day I brought it home 2011) I've had this truck for 10 years now, bought it from the original owner back in the day and it's been through many phases of life... Started as a nice K20 6.2L NA, 4 speed, 205, etc. Had a canopy on it, and everything was stock...
  3. Chevy
    I have a 6.5 mechanical diesel that I am rebuilding. I am wanting to run a turbo from quadstar tuning that produces 20psi of boost. Currently I got the head studs and I talked to a machinist and he told me I will need thicker head gaskets. Not sure what else I'll need so the engine will run...
1-3 of 3 Results