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  1. Toyota - Tacoma
    Hey everyone, Replacing wheel bearings on my 2004 taco w/ ABS. Has anyone ever seen or know what would cause one side of the ABS tone ring and inner axle hub to rust? No brake fluid leak. I'm out of ideas for why. Shouldn't cause any issues after putting it back together but wanted to see...
  2. Jeep - Hardcore Tech
    Hey all, 2009 Wrangler Sahara JKU here in Denver, CO) Unit was fried by crossed wires when a shock broke out of it's top mount and punched through the ABS harness. Harness rewired. I've pulled the module and searched for all part numbers listed on it. Crosschecking numbers etc,it oddly seems...
  3. Dodge
    Hi Dodge experts. So in the process of changing a driver's side axle u-joint on my '98 Ram 1500 I apparently screwed the yoke ears up just enough on each side that the new u-joint won't get in them enough to get all the clips on. At this point I'm willing to just order a new axle shaft...
1-3 of 3 Results