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  1. Jeep - Willys
    Hi everyone, I am looking for recommendations for a replacement clutch disc. 9¼" diameter. Looking for the best quality available. The rig is a '46 CJ2A, Kubota V2203, willy's F head bellhousing, 9.25" clutch, T 98 transmission. I recently converted the throwout mechanism to a hydraulic...
  2. Ford
    I swapped out the safety switch and several fuses, I don't get any crank or noise at all when I try to turn it over. Am i missing something or need to check another point of interest?
  3. Toyota - Truck and 4Runner
    I have an 81 yota pickup with (im pretty sure) an L52 5 speed. The release collar kept slipping the clips due to wear so I ordered a new one. It is noticeably shorter but the vendor swore up and down it would be fine. Well as evidenced by this post its not fine. It isnt disengaging the clutch...
  4. Jeep - Non Hardcore
    I've tried to search the forums for this topic but it seems to only bring up posts in the classifieds. I'm working on installing a 5.0 and np435 in my 92 YJ am I'm trying to see what would be the best option for the clutch linkage. Originally I planned use a bellhousing with the external slave...
  5. Newbie General 4x4 Discussion
    My throwout bearing went bad I continue driving it because it was all that I had until I physically could not drive it anymore there was a horrible knocking and grinding sound which I assume the teeth in the clutch may be broke loose I took it into a mechanic he replaced the whole clutch...
1-5 of 5 Results