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  1. Jeep - Hardcore Tech
    Does anyone know what would cause the input shaft retainer to break like this? The entire shoulder that the snap ring goes in broke off. The transfer case was rebuilt about 5,000 miles ago. I don't want to rebuild it just to have the same happen again. Thank you.
  2. Engines/Trannys/T-Cases For Sale
    This adapter was installed for mock up only, this is Novak Part number 137-A. Kit 137-A, adapting the TH700R4 / 4L60 transmission new output shaft, to the Jeep Dana Spicer Model 300 transfer case https://www.novak-adapt.com/catalog/adapters/transmission-to-transfer-case/th700r4-to/kit-137/...
  3. Wanted!
    Does anyone have some Dana 300 interlock pills they can part with? I would be willing to purchase the bracket they they go in if some one has one. Thanks!
  4. Motor/Tranny/T-Case Performance
    Dana 300 4.1 gears advanced adapters 32 Alpine input and output never been ran with a 203 Will take 1300$
  5. Jeep - Hardcore Tech
    After reading through all of the do-it-yourself flip kit threads I decided to build my own. After installing the 4:1 kit in the T-case we were reall stoked to do this because the 300 is so dang simple. I just happen to have access to some different materials and machinery than many people do...
  6. General 4x4 Discussion
    A couple of people have been asking me for info on how I flipped my Dana 300 so here goes. First of all most of the credit has to go toward Xtremetoy here on the board because he gave me the idea on how to do it. First of all I made a new piece to house the shift rails between the case and...
1-6 of 6 Results