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dana 44

  1. Axles/Tires/Wheels For Sale
    Asking $100 for the tie Rod and Drag Link combination from a Grand Wagoneer. Tie rod ends are 1 Ton size from the factory. Width between TRE centers is approximately 51" I kept this as a spare so it is dirty; but otherwise good when pulled. Located near Lake Wylie, SC (29710) Can arrange...
  2. Jeep - Non Hardcore
    Been a while, but, I'm building a 1970 waggy Dana 44 full floater. These axles have the 6 bolt flange on them. NOW, the front spindle of a 27 works, but I've read that the dana 30 has a longer flange that will insert further into the axle bearing housing area and they use the same 6 hole hub...
  3. Ford
    Hi, Found on a junkyard a front axle retrofitted on a E series van, 1986. 8 lug. It is a dana44... but it is on coil springs and does not use C-clamp. Not used to dana or ford so... kind of struggling here. Need to buy bushings... brake parts... and have no idea what references to use... Thanks nuno
  4. Wanted!
    Looking for a 86 Dana 44 Wide Track. Thanks, Bryan