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  1. General 4x4 Discussion
    I apologize in advance because there are a million forums on this subject, but I can’t seem to find solid numbers on how quickly tires will wear with a spool on the road as compared to other options. Obviously selectable is the best option but currently(or in the next decade) isn’t in the...
  2. Suzuki
    Hey guys I just bought a 91 samurai with a welded rear end. I’m wanting to change it back to open. What all do I need? Or what all needs to be changed? Thanks in advance.
  3. Jeep - Non Hardcore
    Despite the whole new guy aura I’m sure to be emanating, I honestly do have experience using a tool or two. Straight to the point: I picked up a ‘98 5.9Ltd from my dad while moving from one state to another. Everything is fine and dandy until I get it registered and start driving. Long story...
1-3 of 3 Results