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  1. General 4x4 Discussion
    Hi, I'm looking to save some money and get a front driveshaft from a junkyard vehicle, opposed to getting a custom one made (on a budget). I'm just unsure what vehicle(s) to look for. Is there a database/forum/document that lists all the lengths and configurations of all common vehicles'...
  2. Jeep - Non Hardcore
    Hey guys this is my 1st post. I have a 93 YJ 350 SBC swap TH400 D20 D44 F&R scout rear, wagoneer front. My driveshaft seems to have alot of play at the union where the 2 pcs slip together (not sure what this is called 🤔) I assume there is a bushing blown out in there? Possibly caused by the...
  3. Misc. Stuff For Sale
    I have some stock take off parts from a 2017 JKU with less than 5k miles for sale front & rear bumpers stock shocks springs sway bar links front drive shaft and pinion flange track bar tow hook Asking $150 obo for all. Prefer not to ship, these are located near Houston Tx.
1-3 of 3 Results