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  1. Chevy
    Is a 305 ok for moving loads up and down hills the load I'm talking about is about 3 to 4 tons Manual transmission and I plan on pulling a trailer that will be maybe another ton so maybe 4 to 5 tons max is a 80's one ton truck.
  2. Newbie General 4x4 Discussion
    I've got a dually Dana 70b under a project trailer, and I'm looking to put 14 bolt DRW hubs on that I have laying around so I can use the same GM dually wheels that are on my truck. I've test fit the hubs, and it's the same bearing sizes and everything fits up. I have two questions about it...
  3. Newbie General 4x4 Discussion
    Hi, am thinking about converting my 1989 f350 dually to single wheel drive. I dont tow heavy so dont really need dually. I know what to do in the front end but not in the back. I can get ahold of a single wheel axle from a 1989 f350. Before buying it, is it a bolt up? Will the other single axle...
  4. Chevy
    I have an 83 Chevy C30 mason dump dually. It has a 14 bolt dually rear end and I’m having trouble with one of the brake drums. (I bought it like this). It has two different brake drums, and on one side the inner dually wheel won’t slide all the way in. The wheel hits a lip on the drum and on the...
  5. Axles/Tires/Wheels For Sale
    Great used chevy drw dana 60 hubs, with bearings, and like new 500mi. Cross drilled and slotted rotors, great newer studs, ready to run. I was running these with H1 wheels and tires and that ship has sailed so get these before they get surface rust on them. lol! Located in the SF Bay Area $750.00
1-5 of 5 Results