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  1. Toyota - Truck and 4Runner
    Does anyone have the schematic of the duel relay set up for the Toyota e locker that uses the boshe relays? Trouble shooting for 6 hours, about to back it out do the shop and set it on fire😖 So far I have confirmed that I have cont. 12v too pin 87 when actuated, I get power to pin 85 and...
  2. General 4x4 Discussion
    I have looked alot for well informed info on this but can't seem to find solid answers. I want to put a ford E-locker in my 2000 f250 CCLB with a 10.5" sterling. It's my daily driver but I do alot of off roading in it, but I still have to drive it to work on Monday, so I'm not out to kill it...
1-2 of 2 Results