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  1. Gau

    Nukuyaweni Outpost; Across time... beyond imagination. (yeah I took that straight from the brochure)
  2. fijifishin

    Tuna, Travali, Wahoo, and sharks are normally caught on hand lines, but Mike brought a pole.
  3. BayofAngels

    Secluded beach's spread as far as you walked, swam, or boated. Semi-private island Gau.
  4. lali

    Traditional Lali drums called us to church in the village of Somo Somo.
  5. smoke

    A local villager rolls tobacco in a sheet of newspaper for smoking.
  6. kava ceremony

    Somo Somo village invites us to a Kava ceremony. The intoxicating sedative is the dirty water in the large bowl, and is reserved for only the men to "enjoy".
  7. sea snake

    Air-breathing sea snakes have a toxin many times more deadly than any land snakes, and were very common to see.
  8. kayaking

    Kayaking through the Namosi valley on Fiji's main island Viti Levu.
1-8 of 8 Results