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  1. Ford
    Hello, does anyone know of a kit for high steer for a 1971 F100 dana 44 king pin? I SAS an 89 ford bronco with the 71 axle. It’s around 14in of lift and I think high steers the answer. I just can’t find any kit for a kingpin axle. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Ford
    Hey all, I recently bought a 74 ford f100 with 4x4 in it. Im not afraid to admit i know almost nothing about it and i'm looking for some help. To my knowledge it has the np203 not the np205. It has front lockers though(no rear lockers), so i have the 2wd and 4wd. When i put in what should be 4wd...
  3. Vehicles and Trailers For Sale
    I have a 2017 Ford F-150 super cab has the six-cylinder twin turbo eco motor it is a white truck with gray interior has most all the whistles and bells looking to trade actually I'm looking for a full size bed club cab 4x4 around the same price Nice truck only. I am just looking to trade unless...
    $28,000 USD
  4. Ford
    I will be converting my 99 super duty dana 60 front to an 8x165 lug pattern with a custom-built hub. What I am trying to find out is what brake rotors can i use that will match the dimensions of the stock ones but will keep the new bolt pattern. As far as my research goes, the stock rotor...
  5. Ford
    What does everyone think about Rear end gear manufactures Truck is a F350 Dual Rear Wheel 4x4, I see a lot of Yukon Gear, any gear i should stay away from, Thanks
  6. Vehicles and Trailers For Sale
    1988 Ford F-250 extended cab mud truck. Big block 460 with C6 auto trans. 2005 Super duty dana 60 front axle with 5.13 gears and Warn hubs. 1999 Super duty sterling 10.5 rear axle with 5.13 gears and Yukon locker. PSC hydro assist steering, (5) 44x18.5 super swamper tsl tires. Custom build...
    $10,000 USD
  7. Ford
    In the driver side front wheel well attached to the frame and engine mount is mini shock looking cylinder. I did some research and found it is an engine vibration dumper that lasts just few years and need to be replaced (only if you think it's necessary). Since mine never got replaced and I need...
  8. Ford
    I’m starting this thread as kids a means to keep track of my progress. So this is my never ending project I picked up a few years ago. It’s a 97 F250 with a 460 and an E4OD. I’m the third owner and the previous two were grandpas as you can tell by the pictures of when I got it. Last owner towed...
  9. Engines/Trannys/T-Cases For Sale
    THIS AUCTION IS FOR A KLUNE-V ADAPTED TO A SUZUKI SAMURAI TRANSFERCASE. It includes a couple of “rough” Hydro-formed pieces of aluminum and bolted to a hand-built crate. Those who are familiar with the Klune set-up, you know there is not a better system pound for pound!!! Rock solid and stable...
    $2,500 USD
  10. Ford
    Hello iam building a 1973 f250 lb with a lightly built 390 it’s got a Dana 44hd front and a dodge dually Dana 70 rear (not dually anymore) this is mainly a street truck to be honest with some light wheeling do you think I could run 40s on this rig if I take it easy on the skinny pedal it has a...
  11. Jeep - Hardcore Tech
    I am currently running a spooled Dana 44 out of a ‘79 f150 up front using the Ford radius arms. I am on coils up front but need to fix the coil buckets anyways. I figured if I am already changing those I might as well switch to coilovers and ditch the Ford setup for a three links. What would...
  12. 1877E198-C82B-4438-891E-8C4CDEAF0737.jpeg

    Custom motor mounts for Ford 7.3L Godzilla engine
  13. E0DA533F-6086-4757-9439-E2AE30EA6C3C.jpeg

    7.3L Godzilla motor mount
  14. Ford
    I swapped out the safety switch and several fuses, I don't get any crank or noise at all when I try to turn it over. Am i missing something or need to check another point of interest?
  15. Wanted!
    In search of a 78-79 ford dana 60. Anywhere near or around 500 miles from Tulsa Ok.
  16. Motor/Tranny/T-Case Performance
    Hi, got a 94 f250 with 351w and zf5. Transmission makes a really loud noise like grinding when idling in neutral and while driving through 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gear and it goes away once you get to 4th. The noise just gets louder as the truck accelerates till 4th when it goes away. Noise also goes...
  17. Axles/Tires/Wheels For Sale
    78-79 fullsize bronco dana 44 and 9" rear, believe the axle ratio is 3.00 but not sure. Axles are completely stock and are still in the vehicle, they will need cleaned up. Shipping available at extra cost, willing to sell separately. $500 for the dana 44, $300 for the 9", $700 for the set.
  18. Newbie General 4x4 Discussion
    A while back I purchased a 1998 Ford Ranger XLT and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this truck, it’s genuinely the best vehicle I’ve ever owned; it’s a humble little truck but I love it. Unfortunately, I caught the tail-end of a pileup recently. Thankfully the truck took it like a champ like I knew it...
  19. Newbie General 4x4 Discussion
    Hi, am thinking about converting my 1989 f350 dually to single wheel drive. I dont tow heavy so dont really need dually. I know what to do in the front end but not in the back. I can get ahold of a single wheel axle from a 1989 f350. Before buying it, is it a bolt up? Will the other single axle...
1-20 of 30 Results