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  1. Misc. Stuff For Sale
    Brand new kit, just decided to hold off on doing the upgrade. Comes with upgraded 156cc orbital. Link to kit: FHK110 - BASIC Full Hydraulic Steering Kit for 32-40 Inch Tire Size Extras include: -2 additional ram mounts $130 -D60 universal fit axle mount $100 retail total $2,130 + tax +...
    $1,900 USD
  2. General Lee YJ

    4.7L stroker Chevy Dana 60 front Ford Dana 70 reqr Atlas 4 speed PSC full hydro steering 40” bias ply Maxxis Trepadors 18” body and frame stretch Full custom frame up build.
  3. Jeep - Hardcore Tech
    Introducing my junk! I started with it stock. Bought a 4 cylinder wrangler back in Ott3. Started building it in Ott4 and ended up with this in Ott5. You can read what's up with that hunk here. http://www.thedoubleduke.com/103.htm I stripped almost everything. Leaving the seats and what...
1-3 of 3 Results