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  1. Toyota - Truck and 4Runner
    1991 4Runner USA(same as 1989-1991 hilux surf frame) 3vze v6 mated to r150f 4wd 5speed trans I’ve been told by two separate sources that the r154 bell housing will mate them with the proper shaft length and all. Even had a person at marlin crawler confirm this. But I see too much controversy...
  2. Toyota - Truck and 4Runner
    Hi everyone, I'm in the middle of changing the cooling system up in my hilux, It has a 1jz vvti out of a jzx100, Currently using a slightly modified v6 4runner rad with 2 Spal 12" pusher fans in front and is just not doing the job! I've found a 2000 MR2 Spyder 3 core ally radiator that with...
  3. Toyota - Truck and 4Runner
    hey! I’m just building my own hybrid motor and wanted to ask a question. A little background info to go with it: I have an old tired 20r motor in my 78 pickup. She’s a tired old girl and drinks about a quart of straight 40 oil per week. I’m half expecting to pull the engine and there won’t be...
1-3 of 3 Results