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  1. Toyota - Truck and 4Runner
    I was noticing vibration in my front end when I locked in the hubs,a couple trips later it got really bad.so I was checking everything out and noticed the stub shaft on the passenger side of my 91 Toyota pickup had a ton of play.How hard is this stub shaft to change and what is the process?Ive...
  2. Suzuki
    So I've done a lot of research on making a sidekick handle similar to a sxs. There is lots of post that start off good and don't have a lot of follow up or just fizzle out. So what I'm looking for is a good all around rig. I don't plan on driving on any highway maybe around town a little but...
  3. Chevy
    Hey guys, I’m new here to the forum. I’ve got a ‘90 K1500 that my great grandpa bought new. I’m wanting to do an overlander build on it, and I’ve been doing research about upgrades for the truck. I’m in college right now studying for Engineering Technology, and I want to have a career in the...
1-3 of 3 Results