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  1. Axles/Tires/Wheels For Sale
    I've got a YJ front Dana 30 with 4.56's, ARB G2 inner and USA standard outer Cro-Mo shafts. This axle is set up for spring over and has the M.O.R.E. high steer kit. Comes with tie rod and Drag link. I was told the whole setup has about 15-20k miles on it. It also comes with an XJ HP 30...
    $1,100 USD
  2. Jeep - Cherokee
    hey dudes im new to this forum. I'm looking for some help with the installation of a psc power steering pump for my Jeep Cherokee XJ. I'm trying to find the .pdf instructions but haven't had any luck so far. I checked the actual psc website but again, was unable to find the specific pdf...
1-2 of 2 Results