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k5 blazer

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    Located in Oldtown Idaho 1991 K5 blazer crawler $8,000 350 tbi 700r4 Atlas4:1 T/C Spooled dana60 front 456 gears warn hubs will come with 35 spline flanges if wanting to upgrade the outers. PSC hydro assist. Full cross over and above and behind axle steering by Wfo. Long travel front driveline...
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    1990 K5. TBI 350, 700R4, 205, 12-bolt w/Detroit locker, D44 w/detroit tru-trac. 1-ton custom driveline. Engine built by L&R in Santa Fe Springs, CA, Edelbrock heads and intake, full roller, mild cam, upgraded GM throttle body, fuel and exhaust . 4” all spring lift, Warn series 12 Industrial...
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    Need some opinions should I leave the axle where it is and just trim the fenders. or should I move it forward and Center it in the wheel well ?
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    Here is what I have going on. I have a 79 k5 blazer with some rust issues. The frame is was very well undercoated. The floor pans took the brunt of it. I'm going to chop the complete floor out and make a real simple floor. Going to be caged and seats on cage. Just looking for suggestions and...