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  1. Nissan
    So I have a chance to get some axles for free not sure what they are from I was told a earlier 80's Jeep Cherokee. But haven't had a chance to if it is a wagoneer or not. I was wondering if they where a CHerokee whould it work for a Axle Swap? If they have a driver side drop and all. I was...
  2. Nissan
    i got bored and missed driving the truck, so i took her out for some nice healthy flex. enjoy.
  3. Nissan
    wassup guys im thinking about getting a lift for my 720 from 4x4parts.com ill prolly get the one with torsion bars and shocks. i have 31's on my truck with no torsion crank. i want to run either 34x10.50 ltb's or 35x12.50 x terrains. ill prolly need to get 4.88's from 4x4parts. would my junk...
  4. Nissan
    everything you need for a calmini SAS including sway bar and axle,. everything. DANA 44 -lockright -from Wagoneer. -solid diff cover -everything welded in place. -warn manunal hubs -uninstalled chromo shafts -custom heim steering. SAS kit -everything here...
  5. Nissan
    You guys should check out these pics from N4W: http://nissan4wheelers.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/885603133/m/65310144821/p/1
  6. Nissan
    You guys should check out these pics from N4W: http://nissan4wheelers.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/885603133/m/65310144821/p/1
  7. Nissan
    quick specs; 02 frontier xe crew cab motor; vg33 -stillen intake -nismo cat back exhaust drivetrain; -custom unitrax driveshafts -a/c t-case crawler gears -h233b rear ---a/c 5.13 gears ---arb locker -dynatrac pro rock 60 front ---67" width ---arb locker ---5.14 gears ---upgraded 35 spline...
  8. Nissan
    I'm trying to make a front driveshaft for my SFA xterra. If I weld a double cardan on to the transfer case side of the stock driveshaft, how do I adapt it to the transfer case flange? Any other options?
  9. Nissan
    it's been a long build due to money/time/kids/work BUT FINALLY....it's off jack stands... from the ground to the frame is 26.5".... with moving the rear axle forward 6" and the front forward about 4" I shortened the wheelbase to 130".....I was hoping for it being a little shorter, but I am...
  10. Nissan
    I'm in the middle of SASing my 00 Xterra. I need a steering box with a forward facing pitman arm. FJs have them but older imports are hard to find in junkyards by me. Scouts are pretty rare too. What other trucks should I be looking at? If I get a box off a domestic truck, I'm assuming I'll...
  11. Nissan
    I found an old army 2 1/2 for $110.00. I'm considering buying it and putting the axles under my hardbody. I was also thinking about using the engine, it has a International 345 in it (no idea why they took the original engine out). I have no knowledge of these engines, other than they are a V8...
  12. Nissan
    Hey guys... I've browsed around this site for a year or so, don't recall ever posting... But have found lots of info here... Now... on to the question.... I found a set of axles from a 1979 Ford F250 Highboy 4x4 i can grab for $100.00.. Infact, i'm supposed to pick them up on Tuesday...
  13. Nissan
    Has anyone in the states gotten a hold of a pair of these?? if so, i'd like to see what they did with them :D http://www.marks4wd.com/products/gearmaster/Gearmaster-portal-Nissan-GQ-GU.htm
  14. Nissan
    I know i don't post here to often but i figured you might want to check out this build on 4WD & Sport Utility Magazine's Website! Click Here: All-Pro Off-Road Nissan Pathfinder SAS
  15. Nissan
    It still under construction just could not hold off any longer.
  16. Nissan
    wondering why i dont see any 4 linked xterra out there. is it just not a good rig to work with or is it just impossible.
  17. Nissan
    show us what you have been working on... or what you have found out there on the trails...
1-17 of 17 Results