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  1. Competitions and Events
    Tune into the Time Trials for the 25th Anniversary Vegas to Reno!
  2. Desert Racing
    Hey all, I'm a newb to building big bad buggies and I have a question. So the 4.0 in my YJ finally died, and it is about time I started my build. I'm planning on throwing in a 5.3 or older SBC, an SM465, NP205, 14B rear, maybe a 60 front, and big ass tires. I already have everything except the...
  3. Jeep - Non Hardcore
    I currently have a 1998 cherokee 2 door 4cyl 5 speed manual 2wd on stock suspension, only mods are 4.0l throttle body because I got it off of my buddy's wrecked jeep. I am look to add a little height for minimal cost and not sacrifice too much ride quality. I also have a 78 cj5 that my dad and I...
  4. Blog
    Bill Baird, 5252, Sturgis, KY. It doesn't get more Bad Ass than Bill Baird and his team! Bill may be one of our oldest racers, but he's one to be reckoned with! He finished 3rd at KOH this year, he won at Rausch Creek, and he even helped us host one of our biggest first year events at the...
1-4 of 5 Results