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  1. Engines/Trannys/T-Cases For Sale
    I have a passenger drop np241c out of an 89 k5 blazer. Was going to use it in a 6l80e, 5.3 swap for my other k5 but I think I'm going to just sell it all out now and move onto another project. Asking $800obo + shipping. Located in central KY.
    $800 USD
  2. Newbie General 4x4 Discussion
    Hey guys just want some input as I am new to axle swaps, I currently have a 1970 k20 with a 292 and a dana 44 8 lug drum with a 12 bolt rear. I really want to upgrade to a dana 60 with disk but it's almost impossible to find a dana 60 passenger drop axle these days. Would it be possible to swap...
  3. Engines/Trannys/T-Cases For Sale
    NP241 Passenger Drop 23 Spline Fixed Yoke Spins freely. Haven't split the case before, traded an individual parts for this. Missing one case bolt where the factory skid plate is affixed. $1000 OBO - Located in Grass Valley, CA
  4. Axles/Tires/Wheels For Sale
    SoCal Complete front axle: 4.10 gears, non locker complete lug stud to lug stud, with tie rod. Disc Brakes, non ABS $650 firm NO SHIPPING. Out of the car. I have an engine hoist here to load it. The axle is a passenger drop. SOLD 8" high pinion third member, 4.10 non locker $295 firm. NO...
1-4 of 4 Results